2x 45k accounts shadowbanned? how to monetize?

I have 2 IG pages (40-50k each) in the music artist niche, so 80-90% are artists.
By the way, ALL followers are real. I got them because following/unfollowing
I used to promote my services via this accounts.

Problem is I now get 2 likes on a post. Hastags dont work at all (I dont appear in recent)
Also seems like not even my followers get my posts???
How can that be?

How can I monetize my accounts? Maybe offering social media services, account management/consulting/coaching

I used a software in the past for autofollowing/liking/DM…now it gets blocked all the time.

What are you posting? Show me an example of the kind of content that you get 2 likes on. It could be a simple case of content, the number of people I see posting graphics made in bad online editors is ridiculous.

**The restore (rewarming) process:

  • Reset device ID, verify an account, rest it for 24 hours
  • Run the story tool with super slow settings
  • A few days later run like and follow tools with a slow setting too
  • Couple more days later start posting videos
  • 7 days later started posting photos

You can look for @Alexnvo method to get back your accounts to live also.