[30% and 20% off] Your best Instagram Analytics Tool 🦉

Hi there!

I’m Francesco and I’m the creator of OwlStat :owl:. I’m a developer and an Instagram user, and I’ve created the tool that I’m going to introduce you two years ago, just for fun and for personal uses, after SocialBlades’ die!

I’m really open to any new suggestions and implementation, and as a developer, I will try to help you find the best solution for you.

In this strange period, a lot of you are trying to improve their Instagram growth service and OwlStat could be your best choice.

It requires my username and password?

Nope, it requires just the username. The data that OwlStat stores are all the data publicly available.

But…who should use OwlStat?

If you are a ‘simple’ user who just wants to know its stats and have reports, if you are a social media manager or if you own a Social Media Agency…OwlStat is the right tool for you!

Let’s find out why!

The pics aren’t showing everything, there are other functions in the website.

Try it by yourself for free! With OwlStat you can also send email reports directly to your clients (daily / weekly / monthly), compare two accounts, set goals for your accounts and receive a notification and new features are coming soon.

Pricing and payment method

Starts from 0.00€: you can use for FREE (forever) OwlStat and track up to 2 accounts and 1 monthly post in your dashboard. If you want more you can buy a Premium plan. You can adjust your plan as you want since you can buy single slots as you need them :slight_smile:

The payment is made through PayPal in a secure way and you will be billed automatically every month. If you need another payment method we can talk about it.

For the MPSocial users I’m going to give 30% off coupons for the first 17 guys who will ask it here in the thread, 20% for everyone (here in the thread or in PM). Why 17? I don’t know, I like this number :grin: The discount will last forever and not only for the first month.

What about the website with my brand?

A lot of Social media agencies are interested in having a personal analytics tool to share it with their clients. If you need this kind of service we can talk about a custom solution (we can decide together the domain, the colors, the functionality and we can implement together what you need, also new functionalities).

Pricing for this service: starts from 70€ / monthly.

Fell free to ask me whatever you want, I’m here to answer all your questions :slight_smile:
Enjoy! :owl:

Ps. Made in :it:with :heart:


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales @francescovaglia

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just started using your free plan because igblade hasn’t been working well, I’ll probs buy if I end up owning more accounts in the near futurue. GLWS

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I’ve used it in the past and I am still using it to this day. I like it, easy to use, friendly interface, accurate info. Highly recommended! Good luck with your sales @francescovaglia

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This is so underrated.

I genuinely love what Francesco setup for me and my agency.

The platform is so niche and specific to Instagram marketing agency owners or brand owners just looking at Instagram that it’s ridiculous.

Puts all of its competitors to shame!

The communication from Francesco is amazing and it matches his service.

Incredible platform, the UI is insane.

Not to mention the fact that you can enter parameters to label accounts based off of their performance, so in a click you can check which accounts of your clients are going badly and need attention.

Couldn’t recommend more!


Thank you very much for your lovely words Laurence! :pray:t2:

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What if I have 20 clients or more and need to track it?
What do you do in these cases?
What if I need to send them weekly + monhtly report just like IG blade?
They charge less than a 1$ per account

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I reply also here for everyone interested in this!

The slots are totally modulable on the go, so you can add / remove slots when you want contacting me or through the platform. Right now 20 slots would cost 21,80€ (https://www.owlstat.com/pricing), so with the discount code of 30% they would cost 15,26€ per month (that is 0,76€ per account).

The weekly and monthly reports are included in the price :slight_smile:

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Still some coupon available guys! :smiley:

wow good design ! i love that

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First of all love the software, second where can I get the coupon?

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I just sent you the code in PM

Hi there!

I sent you a contact on your website. I’d love to talk to you about custom Instagram analytics.


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Thank you for contacting us! I just replied to you, we can talk privately there :slight_smile: