+300k Youtube Music channel got demonetised (I Need your ideas)


I have a youtube channel in the music niche, I was earning around 600-1000$ a month from it, sometimes even +2500$
Now it got demonetised, I was making compilations from other musician youtubers .
The youtubers themselves liked the idea and didn’t complain about that because I was generating free followers for them

Now I don’t know what to do with it, what should I upload to get re-monetised again? Should I rebrand it and take the risk of ruining it? Should I sell it and how?

I really have no idea and I’d really appreciate your help

Thanks in advance


Whaat? How did it happened?

Sorry, I clicked publish without completing the post, I edited it now.

I don’t know, it got demonetised for reused content.

Oh, You can make a request to withdraw that action. Try to contact through Youtube Artist Contact portal. They make fast responses for artists.

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So what has actually happened? Did you get a series of copyright strikes before from YT or did a specific copyright holder file a Copyright Take down notice?
Be specific because you can deal with each issue a different way.

The problem is I’m not an artist I just make compilations

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I’ll ask again.

Was it a takedown notice

Or a series of strikes?

Ask yourself if you want help with this.

No I had zero copyright strikes, the only thing I get is content ID claims that every musician gets when making cover music

It’s okay, Find them email and contact. They will help you whether you’re an artist or not.

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A content ID claim on its own doesn’t lead to losing your accounts monetized status.
You just lose income to the respective owners.
Has your adsense account linked to it been turned off?
Very odd.

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I was working with an MCN, they didn’t care to give any help after youtube’s email.

Youtube sent me an email saying I have “reused content” and I can reapply after 30 days after I change the content

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where is a market to buy youtube accounts of people that want to move on? i have always been interested in buying a few account to experiment with

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Often YouTube accounts for sale on forums, swapd might also have some.

Most used accounts are binned or sold on because they are burned.
Better to find aged, hardly used accounts for experimentation.

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swapd has the same theme as this forum… very cool thank you.

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I recommend you start selling features on your youtube channel since you said it helps artist grows followers.

Make a simple website to sell a feature for $30 so that artist can pay to be a part of your compilation .

For all your posted videos: Put the website link in all your video description

For all your future videos: put link in description + add something at the end of your videos “Want to feature your music in this channel? Visit the link in bio”

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Very welcome. I know a lot more about YT than IG lol.

Website links in description… can sometimes cause issues.
Varies on the link/shorter used.
Obviously if the reward is worth it, its worth a try.
Does tend to hobble videos from hitting browse ( unless it’s a large/trusted account).
Should show in suggested and search though.

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Maybe I’d use an email and negotiate there

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Chuck your email in the channel description, along with the email in description maybe a better option.
Optimise your channel tags and change your titles/tags in any video that has bottomed out around the new potential service.
Reach out to potential users on sites like reddit, or music forums.
You have a following.
Rather than make $1-4cpm why not see if you can make money leveraging your follower count and the views you have already accumulated to offer the service.
Out of interest why were you with an MCN?
They lost value many years ago.

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When I created it in late 2017 I got lucky and it went viral, I waited 2-3 months waiting for youtube to review it but they didn’t which costed me 10M of views with +100k subs, So I had no choice other than MCNs and paying 10% of my revenue