301 views mysterious video youtube

So i was just watching youtube videos and then saw this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIkhgagvrjI&t=1s
The video has 301 views only , it has been uploaded 6 years ago and it has more than 300k likes, the channel has 2.9m subscribers

it’s actually weird! I think that it’s just a joke from youtube stopping the views to 301 on a video that talks about videos with 301 views

i dont know, the guy who posted the video says it is a glitch and it get fixed on one day or two, but bro 6 years has passed the views are still the same lol

Hahahah youtube is great :joy:

That’s hilarious, YouTube trolling next level haha.

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Lol love it :slight_smile: Just what I needed when back from Bank Holiday weekend :smiley:

Lawl and youtube isn’t doing anything bout it?

i dont know …

It’s probably Youtube poking fun at themselves for the whole “301 views” thing that is literally on each and every popular video as soon as it’s released (and has more than 301 views) until the views are updated. Surely you know that’s a thing right?