37 in 30 days is pretty "mehh"

Hi folks.

I began my IG journey for the first time this past month with a brand new account and purchased Jarvee for some additional “oomph” as I’d heard good things about it on BHW.

I realize that new accounts are tougher to grow, but I was expecting more? What I mean by that, is I’ve followed advice by Dr. Jarvee, Stiletto, and IG Professor, and I still haven’t seen anything to be particularly excited by.

37 follows in 30 days.

Now, I know there’s a whole heap load I do not know about this new hobby of mine, but I have done my best to post pictures with high engagement, good followers, etc. and I’m still not seeing the results I sort of expected with what is supposed to be the ‘killer app’ for IG.

Granted, I know most of it has to do with settings vs. expectations, yadda yadaa…

Could anyone offer me some advice, guidance, a kick in the pants, etc?

(to be clear, I am in no way blaming Jarvee for anything)

Thank you.

Take time to check out the forum, I’m new here but learnt a lot quickly just from checking out different techniques

IG has evolved from just 1 strategy, if it doesn’t work you’ve got to switch it up.

Depending on your niche but 2020 is all about trust score & engagement rather than figuring out a 1 stop solution. Plan a strategy and tweak it accordingly

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Give us more info, settings, sources you’re using, hashtags…


I’m using the hash tags of the people who are uploading their OC. My plan was to create a niche for food, locations, activities in my region of Texas by reposting others pics.

How many people did JARVEE follow in total throughout this month?
How many posts do you have on the account? How many followers, and how many are you following?

Here are some tips:
Use more sources, target by location, followers of users, and users who interact with others posts.
Think about the appearance of your page, if it doesn’t look good people won’t follow back, remember JARVEE just targets potential followers, if they don’t like your page they won’t follow you back.
Use the filter to set the target follower/following count, if you have 100 followers, it’s unlikely a page with 3k will follow you back, target people in the same follower range.

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Try increasing the number of actions you do, you can go up to 200 follows per day when combining with Scrapper/Main accounts method.

Have you tried using different tools combined with Follow tool as well?

Try posting content that is really close to your niche and also adjust your sources to target only those that are already interested in content your account is about.

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