37k Instagram Dessert Account - How Should I Proceed?

Hi guys, I’m looking for a bit of help here.

I just inherited a 37k dessert Instagram account. I’ve never been in these higher ranges of an Instagram account and I wanted to know what strategies I should take to continue growing it to 80,000. Further, I’ve never been in the range of over 20,000 followers.

Any advice?

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what is your goals? growing? make money?

How did the person you inherited from reach those numbers in the first place?

posting sweet ass content :stuck_out_tongue: lol
Good question Tho! i look up on socialblade and it seems it only
had 2.9k followers back in 25.5.17 thats 3 months ago,
and seems like it has pretty good growth(very good), But only 3 months yo
thats interesting question, how did he grow it so well to 35k+ followers in just 3 months
can you somehow provide that information?
Dam this social media marketers are killing it huh

The goal is make money without dividing the followers. So basically, make money without risking losing too many followers and also grow the account so that more money can be made. The goal for making solid money is 80k followers.

The owner doesn’t know much about the account. He bought it a week ago. He messaged me a minute ago when I asked him if he knew what the account was doing before he bought it and his word for word response was “No I really don’t.”

“Sweet ass content” lol pun appreciated :slight_smile:
I have some difficulty with the knowledge here though, as I’ve never been up to 37k. How does this account have 37k followers with 100 posts? Do bigger accounts delete posts? If I post content so the account grows to 200 or 300 posts, will it devalue the account? These are all questions I don’t know about.

I don’t know how it was grown to where it is now but engagement is not bad and there’s 36k followers. I don’t know where to take it though!

you should figure out where did he got this kind of content, or try to find even better
quality content (same niche, sweets) and scale up, and find related niche for CPA offers
i quess, ask him from who he bought the account you have to digg until you will connect
the original owner, its very interesting how did they grow this account from 2.k followers
to 36k followers just in 3 months, and also ask your supplier why did he resell this account
i think he mabye lieing to you, socialblade info shows that this account uploaded
few media between 17/8 to 25/8 and the content are pretty much the same
anyways you need to digg! and find out, whats worked so good for the owner should keep working for you! unless they dont want to share their secrets etc btw what do you mean by “It’s not hooked up to MP yet”?

do you mean to mp?

I think he meant MFP, My Fitness Pal.



Sorry I did mean MFP!