3g dongle approach for proxies

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: About to get MP and get my feet wet with IG botting.

I’m guessing most people who use MP use proxies so you can just assign xyz proxy to xyz account(s).
Has anyone setup a 3g dongle infrastructure as well? I know quite a few guys who farm Facebook Ads accounts use this.

So a minimalistic approach would be for example to buy a raspberry pi and a 3g dongle and then get someone to code a script that creates a proxy out of the 3g connection. It would have to reset the IP each time obviously a new account connects to it.

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You don’t create proxy from 3G connection. You use the connection directly from it, all you gotta do is have a script to disconnect it whenever you connect a new accounts.

They are using the 3g to maintain the connection after it has been created. Which means its hella expensive if you don’t use it for ads. In other words, create the account using the dongle and use 1 dongle per account for as long as it can. Idealy, all the accounts will be on different networks so as to not conflict since it is a dynamic ip, 2 accounts can land on the same ip. More idealy, is to buy a static ip but still residential ip.

They can get the cost back because they spend big and earn big. And fb is more sensitive, hence why they use 3g dongle because it’s the residential IP they’re after.

Yeah, that’s an even more simplistic approach. I haven’t used MP yet so not sure how to configure the script to understand when it’s done with an account to reset the connection. Will see…

However if you want to run multiple accounts simultaneously you’d setup multiple 3g dongles for the raspberry or like a buddy of mine is doing - use a 180 sim slot so you can run 180 accounts at the same time. His setup was located in the EU and overheads with server were like ~$5k/mo.

New to IG, but I’m assuming plenty on guys doing 6 figure profits each month with IG botting on this board as well so $5k/mo wouldn’t be that much.

It’s not a big problem connecting to different ip as long as your accounts use the same cookies and ips are from the same country. With about 4 dongles you can run like 60 or more accounts daily and that’s 1 ip per account.

Proxy can still save a lot of cost and it’s not like having a virgin ip is going to make you invisible to IG imho

Creating mass accounts with good ip tho is necessary.

@DangerousMind - i don’t quite understand what you say. You say that you can connect to an instagram account from multiple ip’s without any problems? Will not raise a red flag to instagram? So you say that you have the same cookie and different ip, from the same country would be ok for instagram?

What is the name of this device?

Does anyone know if I use a 3g dongle for phone verification, can I reuse the same dongle for multiple sim cards? Does IG care about your hardware ID?

moved your post here as it’s related, not sure why you felt the need to create a new topic with almost the same name just for this…

most likely not, well it actually depends only on the sim card you have, you can get 3g only for internet and 3g with sms/call plan, so if you have the second option you should be able to do that

Because they are different topics even though they have the words “3g dongle” in them. I’m asking about 3g dongles for phone verification and @aleksandr’s topic is about 3g dongles as a way to rotate ips and use them as proxies!

Sorry yes that is what I meant, 3g dongle with sim with sms/call’s. I can get access to hundreds of sim cards easy but the actual physical device was the limitation so was just wondering if I can buy a dongle and use it as “a phone”, then if I get a PV in any of my account at any point in the future, I just pull out the sim and place it in the dongle!

1 thing, why should you use dongle instead of a phone? :? The dongle i have used has had a neat little software where you can actually see received messages :smiley:

Its just because it seems more practical in the long term when I scale to 100’s of accounts, it seems simpler to replace a sim in a dongle than in a phone, apart from that its the same thing. The other thing I had a look at is a multi sim gsm modem but that is too expensive for this!

You might want to take a look at this @SkyggeLys :wink:

@mindeswx WOOOOWWW you saved the day… thanks

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