4-5 PVs in a single day what’s wrong?


What is going on ? I have faced 4-5 accounts Phone Validation in 24 hours. Its never happened before. Can someone explain me What is wrong with it ? Is it scary for future ? Also I got 2 account disable today.


That’s pretty bad.

What kind of proxies are you using?


Private mobile proxy. I use 9-10 accounts per proxy.


you have too many accounts in those proxies man. try with 2 accounts max


Honestly, I would only do 1:1 to be safe. Your accounts are assets. It’s not worth it to do more.


I used to do 20-30 accounts before with same proxies. I have been doing it since 2 years. Now I have decreased the number of accounts per proxy to 9-10 from last 5-6 months. If I will use 1-2 account per proxy, it will be more costly for me to do so.

What proxy are you guys using ?


10 accounts are too much as other said lower the number per proxy


i got 70 pv in 24 hours like 2 days before :smiley:
1 account got disabled , jut don’t panic or things will get worse .
do the PV’s and try to remember what unusual action did you do , for me it was changing some profiles Profile pic from a datacenter proxy .


4-5 out of how many accounts? If I get 4-5 a day that would be dope lol


out of 4000 account ? yeah i agree that would be dope :smiley:


I usually get around 10-15% PVs of all accounts per 3 days


4-5 out of 100+ accounts.