40+ followers a day any good?

Hi have been building an aged IG account from 20 followers to now 1050 in 3 weeks. Currently on +30/40 a day. Good engagement with up to 60 likes and 0.5 comments per post on average. have dialed in quite aggressive following numbers in MP - 400/500 a day up to 3500/4000 then back down to 1500 and so on
Had one good day where a repost was featured top and got 1500 likes. With a like from the owner who has 900k followers (thanks ;-))

However. 40+ a day seems pretty low no? That’ll be over 6mth to over 10k roughly. Have you got any recommendations ?
Also I am following only 8am to 10pm is that the same as saying random sleep of 10 hrs ?
Thanks guys

Hey @lars7259 30-40 followers/day in growth is on the low end.

You shout take a look at this topic as it will share with you the statistics of some of the forum members growth, and much more.


At 1k followers, I tend to get an average of 150 likes/picture as for comments its around 0.5 (however I post frequently).

I have the exact same follow numbers 400-500/day

In my opinion, no one is active on Instagram at 8am. They may quickly check it before work or school, but they wont invest much time. Its better to start around noon while people are on lunch break, and later on in the day.

Also keep in mind, the higher your engagement rate becomes the more exposure you get, and the faster your account will grow. That being said, 10k followers in 6 months is quite inaccurate. My estimate would be 4 months to reach 10k for your account. Sooner if you can optimize your follow back rate.

Thanks Brandon that’s extremely helpful! Could you elaborate a bit more on the follow back rate? I have follow back turned off at the moment - during unfollow - might turn it on again when follow kicks in but not 100% sure how it helps me grow. It seems only “other MP users” unfollow if they are not being followed back ?

Is it the same ?

Hey @lars7259 Happy I could help!

The follow back tool & follow back rate are 2 completely different things.

The follow back tool will follow users back if they followed you. (I think this tool is useless).

The follow back rate is the amount of followers you receive vs the amount of social actions (following & liking) you had to do.

  • If you follow 500 users/day and only 10 follow back, then you have a bad follow back rate.

  • If you follow 500 users/day and you get 100 follow back, then you have a good follow back rate.

Your Follow Back Rate can be increased by optimizing your settings. For example you follow tool is starting at 8am. The people you follow at this time will rarely follow back since they are usually in a rush to get to work or school (wasted follows). If you wait till 12 noon, they will be on lunch break and will not be in much of a rush to follow you back (not wasted follows).

Yes this is the same as sleeping for 10 hours IF you other actions such as likes, posting, un-following all have the same time.

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Thanks Brandon, very clear ! Appreciate it very much. Thanks for taking the time.
Posting is actually set variably twice a day around noon and After 7pm but following is still on 8am to 10pm throughout the day. Unfortunately no variability settings there like to posting times but understajd what you mean and I’ll tweak the start time
Cheers again

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Seems like a small problem with your targeting maybe send a pic of the settings i’ll take a look

Are you gaining followers during your unfollow process from 3500/4000 back down to 1500? Or only when following? You can use socialblade to check this

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Awesome, that would be very kind of you. I’ll send through tomorrow - sun’s going down where I am and just having a beer.

Very very few followers when unfollowing down. Maybe +5/10. Not losing though - so far

Cheers more tomorrow. One for you and Brandon see photo


I’d be happy with 40 a day over the 0-10 I get now :slight_smile:

Find better sources and check your settings. :slight_smile:

I’ve been struggling to find sources with a good return, settings seem ok from experimenting.

Basically I’ve narrowed my following down to portrait photography accounts and portrait feature accounts, but they must all have terrible fake followers because that’s who I end up following, based on likes/comments/friends of ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi Dconley, attached screenshot of my settings. What you think?

One weird thing though. It is now 09:38AM 10/02 - yesterday at 6pm 09/02 I changed start of following to 11:45AM but my summary shows number of autofollows after midnight from 12:00:28 AM ?? Which clock does the tool refer to. MP is installed on laptop so I am assuming it is local system time? Cheers

The first picture only shows a portion of your settings but I would always use “user must have a minimum number of posts” as far as the clock question I’m not sure my massplanner had always matched up with the actual time never had a problem with that