400 emails daily from 1 gmail, how to fix problem

Hi guys. Does anyone of you know the programs such “Yet another mail merge” or “Gmass” which are designed to send 400 mails daily from 1 gmail account.

My problem is that when I try to send 400 mails with gmail daily I get Bounce with the text: “You have reached a limit for sending mail. Your message was not sent.” . And the thing is that I get this even when I sent only 20-30 emails or so, not even 400. I use old gmail accounts with previous history of sending emails, so gmail accounts should be good for that…

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? In other words, how to be able to send 400 mails from 1 gmail account daily without any problems?

Please let me know!

Are the addresses valid of all those 400 people you are trying to send an email to?


Reach out to me in PM - I will guide you through it. I use this method on a daily basis to get new clients for my Instagram Marketing Agency. Works flawlessly, but yes, it takes time to warm up the email accounts.

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Why not share your knowledge with the forum?

I think a lot of people, including me, could benefit from this! :smiley:

Yeah Jbaum, could you? Do you send 400 daily? :open_mouth:

Well if that happens, the method will no longer work flawlessly.

The method will work even if everyone knows about it…there’s plenty of businesses out there needing our help.

Generally speaking, I will give a few pieces of advice. I don’t want to go too deep into it because I don’t have much time and I don’t spend a lot of time here on the forum.

But basically…

For bulk mailing you need a few things…

1 - Lead Scraper
2 - Lead Verifier
3 - Bulk Sender
4 - Domain + Gsuite Account

For my leadscraper, I use d7leadfinder – my affiliate link here: https://pro.d7leadfinder.com

For my lead verifier, I use bulk email checker (cheapest option on the market) – my affiliate link here: http://www.BulkEmailChecker.com/

For my bulk sender, I use mailshake – not even sure where the affiliate dashboard is there but who cares – here’s the website: https://mailshake.com/

For my domains, I buy through godaddy, then create a gsuite account.

Next step is pre-paying $30 to open up your quota sending limits.

Once you do that you need to add 10 gsuite users to auto-end your trial (opens up your limits).

Once you end trial, delete the 10 extra users you don’t need.

Wait 48 hours.

Start sending through MailShake.

FYI - Use mailshakes’ free cold email campaign review…super helpful!

Good luck peeps! :slight_smile:


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Guys , I have a big question.

First of all thanks for jbaum message!

Secondly, I think the biggest issue in upscalling this method is warming up gmail & gsuite accounts, that takes months to be able to send 500-1000 emails daily from 1 gmail & gsuite account daily I think.

So maybe someone of you knows where its possible to buy pre warmed accounts , gmail or gsuite?

I don’t get why you are using gsuite and not the integrated sending in mailshake

Hey jbaum, would love to work with you I have needs of email lists + sending them out. Would be more than happy to pay for your time.

Email: hello@socialgain.co