4000 watch hours service provider?

I have a Youtube channel with 79k subscribers and 8 million views. Subs are 100% real, no bots. Last year my channel got demonetized because of reused content.

A few days ago i tried to reapply. I set only a few videos public and set the rest of them private, after that my views in total dropped from 8M to 88k views, and I’m no longer eligible for monetization.

I will have to buy views to reach 4000 watch hours.

anyone has had similar issue and buy 4000 watch hours from a provider?

I found a 4000 hours service provider on another forum, not sure if it works…

I need longer videos to try that service (my videos are mostly less than 15 minutes), and it’s not cheap either.

I’m thinking of selling my Youtube, but without monetization on, the price will be low.


Hi. you can pm me your price. do i need to have a video that is at least 15 minutes long?


I dont but i do natural growth for YouTube.

how does it work? do you also create contents for the channel you manage?

Sorry to hear you were demonetized! Unfortunately YouTube will not approve your channel if you private videos that they have already deemed ‘reused’, these will still be re-reviewed. You need to actually delete them otherwise the chance of getting monetization back is next to nothing. Private, public and unlisted are all the same to YPP reviewers.

As for watch hours, you can buy the watch hour services or you can buy views service. I would recommend just buying the views yourself as there are several reputable services. You can buy real YouTube views for around $1-$3 / 1K views. Watch time per view can very usually depending on the length of your videos.

I’d recommend a views service called RAV or real active views, you can buy these views from most major smm panels (for example, smmstore pro, justanotherpanel, smm-heaven, instantsmo, smm net, etc.). I will not recommend a specific vendor, please do your own research. Do a very small test (just $1 or so) of a few hundred views to see what kind of watch time you get then you can figure out whether it’s worth it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much! I went ahead buying 4000 hours from a smm panel for my other channel to test, so far so good.

if i can get this new channel monetized, i will buy RAV for my 79k subs channel and delete my videos before reapplying for monetization.

Please can I monetize a YouTube channel that has a phone screen record video all through

Interested in these, could we chat more

you can dm me if you got any questions

If your channel is already monetized and your video doesn’t have any copyright issue, you will be able to monetize it. But if you’re still trying to get your channel approved for monetization, you will most likely get rejected by Youtube. They will say you get rejected because of reused contents even though your video is 100% original…

Please the type of video screen recording I am talking about is not normal video showing on my phone. I am talking about during screen recording on how I open a Amazon affiliate market account. Like screen recording the whole steps in opening the account is the type of video I am talking about not screen recording other people movies or video

So, your channel monetization is already active? If you add your own voice, i think that will work.

No my channel monetization is not yet active and I also need you to recommend for me where I can buy watch hours so as to monetize my channel if you have any idea please tell me.

Hey Ossi, do you mind pming me your experience and what service you go through for this? I’m interested as well.

Hi, I used followiz for 4k watch hours. it’s been a month since i bought their views. The views are not removed from my video. I recommend you buy views from them.

Are there any requirements for this service? (Videos longer than 15 minutes, unlisted video, etc.)

You don’t have to unlist your video.

The longer your video is, the cheaper their views will cost.

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HELLO BRO, HAVE YOU GET MONETIZED? does buying views working for 4000 hours?

No, they don’t approve my application for that channel because of “reused contents”.

Yes. The 4000 watch hours I bought are still there. If you’re confident with your contents, you should go ahead buying the package.

Do they also work for unlisted videos or only public?