40K followers account, but low stories view....WHY?

Hi Guys,

I’m managing an account with 40 Followers. A decent engagement of 5.7%. Likes are above 1800+ each posts.

But the story views are not increasing at all! :sweat::sweat::sweat:

The max views will be around 300…

If anyone can help with this issue, i would be very thankful!


Is it a picture story?

In my experience, video story or picture story with GIF gets more views. I add 2 hashtags (hidden in background color) and 1 precise location (eg. don’t add London but add Big Ben or Shard).

This way I increase my story views massively (without hashtags or location, I usually get around 400 views and with this method, I get 1000 views).


Yes it’s usually picture story

Try the trick I mentioned and let us know if it worked out for you :slight_smile:

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are you doing that in app or jarvee?

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Directly from the app. I never used Jarvee. Just learning and preparing to set it up :smiley:


What time of day are you posting?

Wait so do hashtags have an effect on reach of a story post ?

Oh yes it does massively help increasing reach, atleast for me and to other people I spoke to who use this method :slight_smile:

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i have the same problem and to 3 friend of my
but we all use jarvee to i think this is me problem
but i understand from you that you never use jarvee

maybe you buy some fake followers before ?

or maybe you use IG groups (me and my friend use it so it can be also the problem)

or maybe you have some other trick you do that Instagram dot love ?


Having the same issue since 1 month. No idea what happen i just reduced my stories until i find a solution

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I found I got the most engagement on my stories by pumping them out, 6 to 10 a day with a few of the bits mentioned above on a consistent basis. Was hitting 600 plus views consistently on an account under 5k followers.

Try using a hashtag in the story too. I like to make them discreet so it doesn’t interfere with the story, but can still show up on the hashtag’s story. Can be a great way to get several hundred more views.