4G/LTE Mobile Connection for Manual Instagram Actions

Hello All,

I have been using the automation software that we have all been using to get things done efficiently but with all the new blocks and everything happening at the moment I dont want to risk my clients accounts any further.

I would love to get your feedback on what Im going to do going forward and if it will be effective:

  • I have got 2 different mobile phones, each mobile phone will have about 3/4 Instagram accounts logged in. (I have got a 3rd mobile device that I can use)
  • I have purchased 2 SIM Cards and 2 4G Modems/Dongles.
  • I will be connecting my mobile phones to the Modems/Dongles and managing and growing my clients accounts manually.

Do you recommend this?

How many accounts should I have per mobile device?

Is the ever changing IP address going to be bad for my accounts?

Kind Regards