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Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of proxies do you offer in your shop?
Here at happymedia.pro we offer private mobile static and rotating http(s) proxies.
Supported almost by any software.

What is the difference between static and rotating proxies?
For static proxies – IP changes naturally by the cellular operator. For the rotating proxies, IP changing is forced with 5 minutes interval.

What are the benefits of the rotating proxies?
It’s simple, every 5 minutes – you get a new, clean and fresh IP. While the rotating process – proxy gets disconnected for 10-15 seconds and then automatically gets online again to continue your actions.

What is the authorization method?
Proxies authorization is made by username and password.

What websites are supported?
Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Tumblr.com, Linkedin.com, Instagram.com, Pinterest.com, Snapchat.com, Quora.com, Tiktok.com and Google.com.
Whoer.net, Ip2location.com, Getipintel.net

In addition, upon request – we can allow any website you need.

How many social media accounts may handle these proxies?
Every social network has its own restrictions and algorithms. The number of accounts you can run per 1 proxy directly depends on your account’s trust score, settings, and software. On average we advise running 10-15 accounts per 1 proxy.

Is it possible/allowed to use proxies for accounts creation?
We offer different proxy packages – for client management, where accounts creation is forbidden on our end to avoid cellular provider’s IPs abusing and proxies for accounts creation, where social media accounts creation is definitely allowed.

Will these proxies prevent any follow/like block?
Yes, it will in case the reason for your issues is flagged/blacklisted IP address.

Mobile proxies were designed in around 2017. Back then, when social networks had not such powerful algorithms like nowadays – mobile proxies could fix absolutely all the issues. Now the right, “no issues” setup consists of mobile proxies, quality accounts, right settings, and software. Mobile proxies are only 20% of this setup. That’s why to be able to perform the actions fine – all elements must be good.

Do you replace flagged/blacklisted proxies?
Mobile proxies, simply could not be flagged or blacklisted. Here is why. Anyway, if for some reason, you would like to change your proxies – we will do that.

How to check the quality of the proxies?
For more info, click here

Web: happymedia.pro
Email: contact@happymedia.pro
Skype: salyverona@gmail.com


Threa approved. Good luck with the sales!

Hi, this seems interesting, but when looking on your site – looks like the static proxies are all sold out – am I missing something? If this is the case, for the rotating proxies, how would this affect our accounts if the proxies will keep rotating every 5 minutes (i.e, the sign in on Twitter, IG, etc.). Just trying to get clarification. It looks like a good deal, however. Please let us know. TY.

Thanks for the approval

Hooray! We got to the public section :blush:

Some feedback we got, offering this service:

Hi, thanks for your interest.
Proxies will be restocked soon.

Static and rotating proxies its like Cola and Pepsi, PS and Xbox, Mac and Windows and so on :grin:

Both are good, but you have to chose what is better for you. Originally we’ve started with rotating proxies and been using it for a while with niche and client’s accounts. As expected got no issues, cuz every time when proxy rotates - you get an IP from the same mobile carrier and location.

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where are proxies located?

Location: UA, Kiyv :ukraine:

Hi – thanks a lot for the clarification, and helping us understand what the rotating and static proxies would be equivalent to:) Think we will need static (so, pls let us know when those are in), but may entertain rotating. Those platforms are tricky so just want to make sure everything is good. You have some good resources on your site, BTW. Thanks for sharing! @Verona


Sure, you are welcome :wink:
Just restocked rotating proxies, static should be restock - the next week

Just ordered rotating mobile 10Gb :slight_smile: Glad it came back in stock, let’s see how this goes :wink:

I remember you from BHW years back, always great services.

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Many thanks :hugs:

I want to get a trial please

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Hi! I would like to know where the proxies are based exactly. thnx

I would like a trial for your mobile proxies please!

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here is it
(and more chars)

Thanks for the requests.
Free trials have been sent

Hey Verona can I get access to a trial please? Also even though these are hosted in Kiyv they work well global?

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Hey Verona, is it possible to get access to a trial?

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The closer the better of course, if you are talking about the response time. But yes it will work globally.

Thanks for the requests, free trials have been sent