4g mobile proxies (discussion)

hey guys today i want to discuss with you about 4g mobile proxies
in the last 5 monthes since the update i worked to make my own 4g mobile proxies since
instagram updates start blocking my mass viewes on stories with normal proxies and even with 4g mobile proxies that the speed was to slow (less than 2 mb)

so i decided to make my own 4g mobile proxies
and that is the outcome of my own 4g mobile proxies

i would like to hear your opinion about what i made so far and does anyone looking forward to make his own as well :smiley:

It is better than buying residencial and 4G proxys from community that has 300kbps/s HAHAHAHA

I mean if youre gonna “subtweet” someone that hard, might as well tag them.

as long as it shows as a stable mobile connection, I think it should be enough :slight_smile:


are you buying 4g proxy too? any problem with that? like follow and unfollow block?

i have alot of clients and didnt made to many proxies so i still buying some from providers

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sorry i didnt understood what u meant :slight_smile: