4G Private proxies setup at home


Hello to all,

It took me a few days and I manage to set up a proxy server at home with 5 phones with 4G.
so actually every phone has proxy user/pass and I can set it as a proxy to jarvee.
Working amazing - ping is 700. and running super fast

Now. as I am new on this. I will try only 1 IG + 1 FB account on 1 phone.
What do you think? It’s a private 4G proxy.
Should I start from fresh account or aged. this is my only concern


How did you manage to solve the having same ip from each phone ? was it usb thetering or hotspot ?


Hi, I think allproxy is what you expected, just google it or search it in this forum, you can also install it from google play directlly.


Read His question before promoting your app. :joy: