4G Proxies for Automation - POLL

What are you guys doing?

  • Buying 4G Proxies
  • Creating 4G Proxies using RASPBERRY PI

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  • If you are buying them, can you tell us how many accounts you manage? and how much you pay for one proxy
  • If you make them using raspberry pi, can you tell us how many accounts you manage.

i always keep the accounts from 3-4 per proxy from 40 to 60 usd depends on the account quality and the client need (how many actions per day and all that …)

make own proxies. Manage 38 accs

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Interested in the responses as I might have a new project that could use them.


Shared 4G proxy: 5-10 accounts depending on the providers setup and recommendation.

Private 4G proxy: 10-20+ accounts depending on the setup you have (nightmode, running accounts in shifts, etc.)

One thing I want to point out is that in some cases, shared 4G proxies can be very beneficial. The provider shouldn’t sell the spots to too many people though, that could cause issues. Here is the thing: When 3-4 people are running their accounts on those proxies, most likely they have different settings, different setups. I’m sure Instagram knows everything, but the past has proven that avoiding similar and obvious patterns can prevent issues.


Long time since I read something regarding proxies that I can agree with 100% :slight_smile:

Regardless if you buy or create them you need to take into consideration the rotation factor of your 4g proxies.

For example: if your proxy rotate every 30 min, you can then automate and schedule your accounts so that they are active in between IP rotations.

Because as long as your accounts don’t intersect (mix use) proxy IPs between them, you can set as many accounts as you like through a proxy.


The location of 4G proxy doesn’t matter as long as it’s a 4G so, in this case, I would recommend to get cheaper options instead of making them by yourself because you can get cheaper with less headache and have the same quality :man_shrugging:
The next week I’ll sell some good quality/good proxies only at 35$ a month for one also they are european so maybe in your country 35$ a month is only the unlimited data that you need and you’ll have to invest more in rapsberries, sims and so on
It’s your choice what you do but as I said, it depends on your location


Nope in my country i can get unlimited data just to instagram and facebook for 3$/month

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According to [Edit by Henry Cooper. Reason: Removed affiliate marketing website] 4g or mobile proxies are usually sustainable under 10 accounts (unless you have a lot of money to invest). This is of course talking about top providers out there that offer premium services.

I havent tried this myself that much, so Im no expert here and maybe someone else has different experiences.

Don’t trust those review websites. They recommend whatever gives them the best affiliate payout (normally) or are made by provider the recommend the most.

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what country is this fee for?


Majority of the Asian countries (some exceptions). One of the reasons we build up our LTE modem infrastructure in Asia, was more flexibility (also law wise), not because we live there (like most mobile providers). It was based on market and technical research. After that, we sent staff there to deploy everything and manage it.

You are also close to the source of LTE modems, which makes it easy to order and deploy batches of 1000 modems within days. Bribing is more common, which allows you to avoid arrest once your customers do nasty things with the proxies (carding and criminal activities), which you will be responsible for.

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