4g proxies for Insta

So if you are supposed to only use 1 4g proxy for every 1-2 IG accounts that makes the cost astronomical for m/s is there another plan?

Yes, using more accounts on each 4G connection.

Lol :joy: yes but that’s not recommended nevertheless the costs are astronomical if per say you have 100 accounts

Well, if you put 20-40 IG accounts on one 4G connection, the cost is anywhere between 2-4EUR/month per account, with a high quality rotating 4G connection.
For Scrapers with API calls, if you put 80+ on one 4G connection, the cost is under 1EUR/month per Scraper.

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Yes Boris I know you sell the proxies I was attempting to direct this question to people doing m/s and advice I’ve seen given on the subject in the forum


Lol I scrolled many threads in this forum and I noted you recommended more slots per proxy but I noticed others in the same thread advising against that. I just didn’t feel like typing all that out. It would be my accounts on the line with misinformation

well if its information or misinformation it would only be know if you try. if you keep on asking what other people have already asked there is no point. so don’t went on to get spoon fed and try your own way

Trial & Error, expirience and patience wins. As a 4G proxy provider it wouldn’t be in my interest to sell less proxies, but if you are on a limited budget, there is a solution. Why not try it :wink:

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I’m just going to excuse myself from my own thread as much as I love verbal abuse and misinformation thx :pray:t2: so I just I don’t need anymore answers I’ll read what’s already been posted


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