4g Proxy Internet data


Question for those who are using their own 4g proxy.
How many GBs of your transfer are you using per month to perform actions like follow/unfollow/DM/like?
You can tell me the Transfer per account or per 10 accounts since you can run 10 accounts on one mobile proxy


I’d say the average is 20-100GB/mo for 10 accounts. Never really calculated the real average but that’s the amounts I usually see.


I see one is getting even 140GB per month, so I think the unlimited version would be the best for me since I will run 5-10 accounts on one
Thank you!


Yes, you might even get away with a smaller plan but you’d need to know your real usage based on some historic data.

Also consider that data usage can increase if you use a lot the EB and not so much the API so it’s hard to say in advance unless you test it


On API I consume like 500mb per day with 15 accounts. 200 Follow, 100 Like, 10-50 DMs, 50-100 Story and 1 Posting. That is for each account.


around 50-70 with EB is not far from the reality


I’m using 1gb a day on 10 accounts.

400 follows/unfollow
500 likes 100 DM’s

I source my own targets for JV outside of this. And I do have optimise API calls to do more actions unticked :+1:


this is awesome 100 dm, 500 liked and 400 follows too much :slight_smile:


you post 50-100 stories?? or you comment on 50-100 stories


I see 50-100 stories


50 gb/month for 10 account is ok for me


What type of actions do you do on a daily basis?


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