4g proxy question! HELP ME

True that’s true, 4g proxies are super expensive. The cheapest I’ve seen was 30$/proxy so you need to really think where you wanna save money.
I’d say if you do M/S I would take the risk and use more accounts (maybe 5) with one proxy as it’s not too bad if they get blocked.

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The solution to making 4G proxies worth it and bringing down the pricing is in proper rotation tactics :+1:

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I’m running both 12h on/12h off and 8h on/ 16h off and it works great. around 20 accounts on two 4g proxies. I might get those 12h rotation accounts go to the 8h rotation


Yeah I was doing similar but they all got disabled. But, not sure if its the proxies or something else. Hence going on an entirely new approach

That’s under 6$ per account per month :+1:

Atm I’m trying something different. See how it goes. Not interested in selling services until I prove too myself that I can grow my own personal account. It was going well, but obviously went downhill fast.

I had some $20us 4g proxies but I got lots of blocks on them so I stopped using them

Most likely shared 4Gs for that price :pensive:

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Yeah probably why I was getting lots of blocks