4g proxy question! HELP ME

Hey! I am having a lot of trouble with jarvee all of a sudden and no one seems to have an answer.

I am getting lots of 24 hour notifications which then turn to disabled accounts.

I sent in a video screen record of my settings to jarvee support and all they recommended was having less accounts per proxy.

Now, for someone that is just running a personal m/s account this seems super expensive. I was running 4 accounts per 4g modem which costs $40-50us a hit.
So by doing 1-2 accounts per account makes things crazy expensive and I don’t see any benefits in running this. Also raises the question to how agencies are running thousands of accounts and not overcharging just to stay afloat.

Long story short. I want your input!

  1. Is it the accounts or proxy that are causing issues?
    And if so
  2. Is there a cheaper source. I have tried high proxies and a few cheaper ones and had terrible troubles. Hence the ones I have been using have been awesome up until the last week when everything went to hell.

Thanks guys

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  • Account trust score
  • Proper warm-up (there’s different different warm-up periods for follows, likes, unfollow, DM’s, editing bio, adding posts, etc)
  • Jarvee profile/global settings
  • You don’t necessarily need a super super good 4G mobile proxy. If you have an account with a high trust score your account(s) will be fine
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You don’t need 4G proxies for scraper accounts, assuming that’s what you have them for. Using one 4G proxy/modem for a few personal accounts should be fine, realistically, unless you’re performing an unreasonable amount of actions, which no matter how many per “device”/IP, would lead to trouble.

So it could be the accounts more than anything. I think it depends on what actions you’re doing, too. Sending lots of DM’s or trying to follow 1000 per day + like + comment? It likely won’t work.

Also everything BigJ said.


I don’t use 4g on scrapers.

I was doing 150-200 follows per day, with 15-20 dms per account

What kind of notification are you getting actually before your account gets disabled? Are your new scraper accounts getting these notifications?
@BigJ pointed out important things that you should take into consideration

Its that captcha to add a phone number, then it says the account is on hold for 24 hours while they check. This results in a disabled account.

2 of the accounts were manually grown to 3k, no blocks, my own 4g mobile etc. They were all warmed up longer then they should have been. Most two months before I was dming and doing more than 100 actions.

Then my new accounts have hit the same. So, something has connected them all. Maybe it was adding the mother @ to the posts and having the posts occur to close to each other. Maybe the settings were too similar or maybe I can’t have too many accounts per 4g proxy. it’s very hard to tell.

Jarvee support took a look at my settings and said its probably the proxies and that they should be on 2:1 not 4:1

I have bought some DC proxies so am going to create new accounts with those, warm up and set them differently

I wouldn’t create new accounts on DC proxies if I were you

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I create my accounts on my phone using a cloning app etc

I meant as in put the new accounts onto them and stick to 1:1

  1. Your accounts might got linked somehow (mother @ to posts can be a trigger, maybe you want to include some of the watermark method with @ in the image included and have a clear caption)
  2. Have you tried other proxy provider?!?

You will never know exactly.

Do you get banned based on a pattern (ie all accounts sharing the same proxy, or the same settings, etc)?

The provider you mentioned sells private proxies, which are not the same as 4G proxies.

One thing that you could try (this is a hypothesis, not a setup) is to make note of your 4g proxies IP rotation period and activate your accounts accordingly. For example, if your proxy rotates every 30 min, you then make sure that each account sharing a single proxy won’t be active in a 30min time window when another account will be active.


Good point :thinking::+1:
As a 4G Proxy provider, we provide rotations anywhere from 5min to 24hrs.
As an example, we start a 6hr rotation at noon. So IP refreshes for sure at 1800, midnight, 0600 and noon. We can even provide a list of IP nrs that were used in the last 48hrs, by email.
This way you can track and verify :+1::wink:

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Well, there could be a lot of reasons. Instagram may have linked all your accounts together or that 4G proxy isn’t that dedicated as you think. Because no one will provide good 4G usa at those prices and you don’t need 4G from USA. The location of the 4G IP doesn’t matter as long as it is an 4G ip so no worries :slight_smile:


Fully Agree :+1: One of the main reasons we provide logs of our connections :wink: They are fully dedicated hardware connections to each customer.

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Yep. Such a service I’m about to provide in the next weeks. Good luck with yours one :slight_smile: And yes, I have heard about those proxies that are “shared” by multiple objectives. But as long as they are shared they can be used for whatever they want. And be sure that you might have some ones that you share with somebody else even on IG :slight_smile:

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Good luck, also :+1:
Our customers are all from MPsocial and only have dedicated connections, with no restrictions on sites they want to use.
It’s really the only way these days, everything else will get you bans and blocks at some stage.
Speaking from experience :smirk:

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I am trialing some DC ones atm and doing 1:1 ratio. If I get problems then I will look into another 4g one.

4G and residential proxies for main accounts DC proxies for slaves that is the best way to go, talking from experience

I think you should not be using more than 3 accounts for each proxy. Remember that agencies get discounted proxies since they don’t just buy a few, they buy them in bulk. Also, you can charge at least 300$ for growing an account and spend around 50$ for the tools so you still make 250$ profit.

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Problem Is I’m growing a personal account not making money through it yet. So 50 accounts running through 20 proxies at $40us is $800us a month

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