4g proxy server creation

Hi, I am pretty tired of no actual information being out there regarding this.
I know it’s been asked multiple times on the whole internet. I also know that it has not been answered at least 1 time with a way that’s useable for people.

I personally have scavenged the whole internet on this topic and there’s literally no real answer out there. I picked up bits and pieces about this concept but with no actual result.

I’m pretty much at a loss. I have a raspberry pi zero which I want to use as a 4g/3g proxy server (with multiple dongles). However, I can’t get this to work at all. I have the e3372 dongle ordered and it works with my pi zero, however it won’t run the proxy to a different PC or outlet or whatever.

Can anyone help because I want to clear up 4g proxy creation once and for all if possible.


Maybe it’s complex procedure and you may first need to learn about networks so that you can figure out how to make it work.

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Of course it’s complex. That’s why I asked, did you read my first post?

I’m just saying that it must have a reason for you not finding a recipe anywhere. But good luck in your research :wink:

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You will need to understand networking and the best way is to take a course on udemy for the CCNA Exam to become a network engineer.
Its a 6 week course…

You will need to understand at the very least bash scripting and one of the many proxy server softwares: 3proxy, squidproxy allproxy ect…

You will need to know how to edit IPTABLES and understand 4G networking so you can manipulate the dongle.

Since I’ve never seen anyone actually answer this with something digestable here are some links to get your toes wet but understand, it will most likely take you a minimum of 6 months before you’ll be able to create a SUSTAINABLE 4G Proxy (thats being very humble)

Courses & Training:

I could write a step-by-step tutorial but the magnitude of issues that would arise would out weight the benefit of sharing the guide.

Good luck and happy coding. :slightly_smiling_face: