4G proxy SMS PVA for Main Account

Did anyone try the 4g proxy that SMSPVA offer?
The price is not bad but honestly doesn’t seem to work properly.
It’s valid in my proxy connection but my main account keep getting errors when trying to follow

What’s your experience, if any?


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What errors are you getting on your main account exactly? they may not be related to your proxies.

we discussed that on another 3d :slight_smile:

Friend advice : forget about their proxies. Go for a marketplace seller from here, better service 100%


Yeah, that’s probably proxy related. I would prolly avoid those proxies in the future then.

there are a lot of providers way better than that with good prices, you can get a free trial to test each from different providers and see what works for you.

You can share your proxy manager screenshot here, maybe you didn’t input it well. Are these IP or username and password authentication type of proxies?

resolved with another proxy provider :slight_smile:


SMSPVA is just a “reseller”, even for their phone numbers. As a reseller they have no control over quality and from the looks of it they were reselling one of the biggest russian mobile proxy providers.