4G proxy UK information and real test blog

Need information for proxies for accounts based in the UK. Any help?
Also need to know how everyones accounts are doing etc.

What information are you looking for exactly?

Hey bro,
Looking to know which 4g proxies work best with uk accounts, do the european ones work etc. Looking to find people who have tested UK accounts with 4G proxies and who they are with.
Thank you dude

Without being specific to UK accounts:

IG does not really care about proxy location, so if you are just looking at UK providers that might seem good at first, but doesn’t mean that the proxy is good for your account(s)

Benefits would be a better response time (depending on the location and peering of your Jarvee install), while the downside is that you locking yourself out from any kind of provider that doesn’t use the UK as a location, with proxies that could work really with your account(s)

Always keep an open mind and test providers far and wide :slight_smile:

Hey dude, nice one, what proxies do you use?

as I’m partnered with @HenryCooper, I use his proxies :sweat_smile:

I’ve used these before tbh lol