4G/Residential Proxies

Hello guys they say never return to your ex but here I am back in the world of automation. In the past I’ve done spam cpa automation and eventually gave up due to IG and their updates.

Now after some time I’m back but this time Im here to setup a project for my e-commerce business. My business would require me to successfully run about 1000 accounts doing 50-100 actions daily. That’s if this is possible these days!?

If so I’m asking the experts here to advise me on the most efficient way to do this as it relates to

  1. What type of proxies are best to use .
  2. 4G/Residential?
  3. Proxy:account ratio….shifts??
    3.How many actions are allowed ?
    4.Is 50-100 follows possible?

Anyone who can successfully educate or even mentor me with this project I’m willing to bring back some value by sharing my e-commerce business model if that’s of interest.


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