4G USB Dongle Question


So im looking to plug in two USB 4G Dongles into my pc (the pc I run jv on)

My idea is to let me pc connect to 1 of the 2 dongles and then do actions on a few accounts and then manually change the connection to the 2nd dongle and then do actions on my other few accounts and keep on doing this throughout the day.

Will this work and or do you have a better suggestion?

*I dont want to buy 4G proxies as they dont have any in my country and are very expensive

Thanks guys


If the proxy operation is proper handled by the provider, location does not matter.


Why you say location doesn’t matter?


Because it does not :slight_smile: Me or our clients (proxies) never experienced any issues because of that. So I would drop that conclusion into the room.


Yes will work fine. :+1: Many people in here run this setup.

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He said it because it’s true. Proxy location doesn’t matter, and has never been an issue for me. The quality of the proxy is what is important.


I always found it easier to login to a customers account if it was in the same location, wouldn’t need to go through any confirmations. As in suspicious login attempt.

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There is also a difference between onboarding and operating. These approaches are really different and should also be handled different in my opinion :slight_smile:

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In the UK specifically there is an 8gb SIM deal which also has unlimited social media for ÂŁ10 which is a big factor for us having multiple Sims in a PC and it being affordable, a few of us on here have this setup with 4 or dongles.



Why don’t you just make shifts?
You perform actions on one account group, restart the modem (you need to acquire a new IP), perform actions on another account group and so on.


what is the better option :slight_smile:
A. running 10 account. with shift 5morning and 5night. with follow 200/acc
B. running 5 account. in the same time without shift. follow 350/acc ?

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Is this your setup? If yes how can you manage multiple 4G dongles on one server to make multiple 4G proxies?

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Easiest setup for non-technical guys would be a small windows pc running CCProxy. You can assign ports/users to specific network adapters there which makes routing fairly easy.


yes.but sometimes the dongle not detect. and we need plug in and out the dongle move to other empty slot. thats what im doing now

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Hopefully this may help;


3.6.1. In GSM mode, the data card need large
electric current when search network, if the
ability of the hardware power supply shortage
could lead to data card restart.
In GSM mode, the data card need large electric current when search network, if the
ability of the hardware power supply shortage could lead to data card restart. (host
current capacity requirements of instantaneous 1.5A, long 650mA).

I also know a few people that have a pc fan sitting over the dongles.

That is actually really important, for larger quantities.

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@Drav I guess it’s Linux-needed. I was thinking about going this setup aswell, but as a Windows exclusive user, it’s a pain in the :hatching_chick::hatched_chick::penguin: !

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I’m using Windows…

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Awesome, definitely !

@drav you stealing my photo for public section :frowning: not cool

Henry’s setup would be interesting to see. Must be this times 1000 :muscle:

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