4G USB Dongle Question


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This fan doesn’t do much, set it aside, it will be better :face_with_monocle:


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Don’t worry, I have a big fan on the right side !


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That’s the approach I’ve been considering using. Are you doing that and finding it to work okay at the moment?


Works if it’s done correctly.
First, the actions are performed by one batch of accounts, then you reset the modem/connection (getting a new ip is key), then you perform the actions by the next batch.
What can go wrong :sunglasses:

More about mobile proxies:


amy experience with this?
i use rpi zero w + 7usb hub oricho. only detect 3modem.

and i use 10usb hub orico + rpi 3 b+ . only detect 3modem. any problem with this guys?!

this adaptor for 7hub

and this one for 10hub