50% off WooCommerce (perfect solution for monthly subscriptions)

Hey guys, I received the email below from woocommerce, considering I paid full price for their subscriptions add-on, I think 50% is a BARGAIN, I’ve also seen a few people mention woocommerce subscriptions so I thought I should share discount with you all.

How did you celebrate when you turned ten? We bet there were balloons.

We’re proud to have been in business for 10 years, and want to thank you for your contribution to the WooCommerce story. Here’s to the next ten years building this unique eCommerce ecosystem together.

And now, something for today:

Celebrate #10yearsofwoo with 50% of WooCommerce.com* until midnight. Use coupon: 10yearsofwoo at checkout, and enjoy.

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Thanks for sharing. If you want support from the Woo team on their products then you should buy from them. But if you don’t want or can go without support from them (not too hard) then you can use the link below to get Woo products very cheaply. This is because Woo is open source.


amazing share, was just about to buy it for the full price :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
god bless MPS and search button.