50 to 34,500 followers in 5 days

Hello everyone, I’m not here for bragging purposes, I’m genuinely concerned.

I made a post 5 days ago that’s motivational. (I only post original content btw) It’s received some amazing traction, but I’m worried that the followers I’m receiving aren’t real.

A lot of the followers I’m receiving have some very high ‘following’ counts. I’m wondering if someone’s trying to fake follow spam me like I’ve seen on IG back in the day.

I’m just trying to motivate others to have a happier life. Not looking for clout or bragging rights.

I’m hoping to hear some thoughts on this from you guys since you probably know more about this platform than I do.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Here are screenshots of the data


TikTok’s algo is kinda different than other platform such as Youtube etc where you can post freely whatever u want until you start going on trending…
Tiktok throws you a bone to go viral on the first video you post, that’s where they will either trust you and make you go viral or take u down… so i guess u won and none of the followers you got are fake… just make sure you keep posting new content
Good luck

Thank you! This was my 10th post I would say. I took the others down as I transitioned niches. Is this still normal?

Yeah its completely normal… Its too easy to go Viral nowadays on Tiktok, so make u you benefit from that!


Cool, thanks for the insight!

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I think the majority of your followers are genuine follows!
People who follow to be followed usually unfollow very quickly.
Just be sure to stay consistent to grow an active audience that will support you in the long run!

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it’s common to have this growth – not as much today as it was in the past. Alex here in this forum got I think like 1 mill his first few weeks. Be happy. Don’t be worried. Good job!


Thank you! I’ll keep going with the flow!

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Wow that’s awesome! Thank you!

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