500-3k marketing ideas

Can someone tell me what are ways to get an average daily 500-3k followers daily?any marketing ideas that would work

Yes - use the search button on the top right.


That would be too easy :joy:

I tried searching 'Instant Free Money Button" and a link to DM you for a lifetime of free services showed up, not sure how to proceed :zipper_mouth_face:


Why would you use marketing techniques to gain followers?

Not that you can’t, it the goals/purpose are generally mutually exclusive.

Gaining followers? Easy
Gaining engaged followers? Harder
Gaining potential clients? Much harder
Gaining clients who convert? Hardest.

So what is your goal? Followers? Buy them if you need 500 a day. Unless your a smoking hot chick. Then you can get “show bobs ana vagene” all day from followers.



Become celebrity
Give away money
Be smoking hot chick
Be smoking hot chick celebrity who gives away money

The possibilities are endless!!!


This is by far the most efficient way though


If you reverse it, give away money by being a celebrity smoking hot chick you get a +10% to engagement.

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thanks so much

well you can try promote stuff in your bio,story,post,etc
tho with this kind of amount of followers you will make about 50 cent/1 month
unless you will promote expensive ferari car and make 1 deal and make 200K$ easy
Magic is real