500 comment likes on every comment, how do they do it

I see some blackhat babe accs commenting on big accounts and they always have 100+ comment likes on them. Do they have 100s of accounts liking that comment? Wouldnt all those accounts get banned once instagram founds out they are connected? I see them comment on every new post these big accounts post with 100s of likes and get top comments.

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They either use bot like Jarvee or have an engagement group. If the profiles are unique and they use bot+good proxies, i don’t think IG would know that those accounts are connected. You would only get blocked if you liked too many comments within a short period of time.

i mean if they would all like the same comment every time of the same user im sure instagram will know, also lot of people report them with @bot_police so do they just make new acc every day? because mine are getting banned pretty fast

if they are in a big engagement group they will always have different accounts that like there comments.

do u know any sources where i can find such engagement groups?

I can dump likes on your comments. :slight_smile:

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Happy hunting on Telegram. The major ones are there.

you can find on telegram

I can only find telegram groups that like or comment posts not comment likes

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