$500 Facebook Advertising Coupon!?!

Wow, gotta say im one of the most privleged people in social media marketing…
But If I cant make it, then I’ll probably fail in life haha.

Anyways some back story.

Was attending a Facebook “Boost your Business” event in Gilbert, Arizona and wow lol did I not learn SHIT. About anything I didn’t already know lol. If you’ve set up and failed an ad campaign they dont teach ya shit in it besides the functions and they give you like 2 tools and talk about each subject for like 2 minutes and move on…
I thought It was a HUGE mother fucking waste of time and was a little chapped about it. I would laugh when I heard some shit that was actually funny to me and I thought everyone would know. It wasn’t horrible though, I was comfortable sitting back and watching 100 local business owners ooo and ahhh at bullshit from panelists all selling them on FACEBOOK ADS!
Haha, Honestly though, It wasn’t a bad experience It only lasted from 9:30 to 12.
They had a couple panelists that intrigued me because they had some seriously shitty products and what not, but we’re spending 70,000 a year in ad spend alone through Facebook.

So when they had wrapped up the panelists and everyone was gunna go they kinda stopped everyone for a random drawing that happened I guess.
They had picked 3 people out of the 100 something that showed up, Before everyone had even got there.
And I had known, like literally, It said there was a drawing or something at the end on the thing, and I knew I wasn’t gonna get it, however I was gonna sell people on my services because… These mother fuckers OBVIOUSLY dont know how to do social media anything.

Anyways, They called 3 names and their businesses.
And my heart fucking skipped a beat when they called me as the second winner lol. A few people congratulated me after and I went to check it out in the parking lot (everyone had scurried for some reason and didn’t wanna network.) And you shoulda seen my eyes when it was a 500 dollar ad coupon. I feel very blessed and lucky. Thank you vm suckerberg, Perhaps you have caught my attention :wink:

Jee fucking willicers.


Z U C C gave you the S U C C


Awesome, use it wise :slight_smile:


Good job. Now you have chance to expand your business to FB too, not just IG :smiley:

Good luck (but it looks like you don’t need it :smiley: )