500k client how to grow?

hey I have got a client who has 500k followers

she’s a public figure

she wants to know how she and grow the account much faster and at this level what all advanced strategies can help her grow.

Large group of other 500k followers. Use shout outs and DM groups


how can we get acces to them?

Message other accounts similar in size and niche.


You could go with a bot to place likes to targeted people, targeting them in the niche, by location, and going to hit people who maybe have from 10-200like,
If a famous account puts you Like … Oh yess let me go see your account :slight_smile:

Here’s what you gave:
1.) 500k+ followers (I’m assuming there’s a + there)
2.) Public figure
3.) Grow the account fast

A few questions first:

  1. What space/niche is she in?
  2. What sort of fast-paced growth is she looking to have – e.g. 1m followers in less than a year, increase in engagement, etc.

But with the data you’ve given, here are my thoughts:

  • You could look for similar people in her space that has at least 100k to 1m followers. Compile a list and begin sending laser-targeted DMs looking to collaborate to grow both their followers. Not just a simple s4s. This may include sharing of each other’s unique content.
  • You should run this idea with your client first. Compile a list of businesses that are directly and indirectly connected to her niche. So you’re going to look at the sub-niches. List down the ones with the biggest IG accounts. Doesn’t matter how big or small, as long as they are the biggest in their own sub-niche. Ask your client if she’s willing to do some sort of endorsement for the business in exchange of having the business IG page shout her out.
  • Create a network of accounts, all in the same space as your client. Grow them to 10k each and get them to do shoutouts at least once per day towards your client’s account.
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Hey there!

So all influencers want to grow their account, what I have found is being a part of a ‘follow chain’ which is usually sponsored by a travel sponsor in my case increases the following of all accounts involved.

I use an account (HIPHotelsGiveaways) to give away a prize package to someone who has followed all the accounts on the following.

The prizes are usually all inclusive holidays and flights we usually get around 30 influencers to post the same prize at the same time all directing people to follow all the follwings of the giveaway account and this helps hotels get followers too. if 1000 people participate then your following will increase by 1000.

If your public figure wants to be involved send me a message!

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For large accounts, don’t do any spammy actions or anything that might be construed as bot-like behaviour.

The best strategies for growth would be:

  1. Engagement Groups/Pods
  2. Powerlikes
  3. Shoutouts
  4. Loop Giveaways
  5. Creating smaller “feeder” accounts - For public figures, these can be either “fan” accounts or they can host exclusive content related to what the public figure does. Eg - if she’s a make up artist, she can create a channel solely for just eye makeup related content. These accounts being smaller, can do your spammy actions like follow/unfollow, etc and grow their own audiences, which you can then redirect to the main account via link in bio, tagging on posts, etc.
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Content- content - content…thats how.
at this level, s4s is about your best option. It should be big enough - if ER is good of course to make to explore page. Be warned, so will others. Put it on private, do s4s with other big accounts nighly…stay focused with a small group of accounts in same niche ( no more than 15 ) and simply like each others posts… Hashtags waste of time for that size. Work first on ER above follower growth rate — if you don’t have good ER at that range, sorry— your not going to grow — even with s4s, follower drop off ( always there for big accounts will overtake follower growth count) and it will be in the negative( probably is there now right? )