50K IG account suddenly dropped engagement

I run a 50K medical related page, where I repose work by doctors and credit them and everyone is happy.

Lately the engagement on this page dropped like hell: a picture gets around 200likes…video 2K views (usually pictures around 1.5K-2Kl ikes, and videos used to get around 30K-150K views)

I’m not sure but it was more of a gradual drop, the actual quality of the posts has stayed consistent, I upload once per day and on the story too.
Before a week, I thought maybe I had been “shadowbanned”, by using copy/pasting the same hashtags (not sure about the legitimacy of that), and so gave my page a “break”, by not posting anything…I came back and the engagement is still low.

Any idea why? How can I fix this, should I just keep posting with this low engagement and hope it rises? It looks really bad and i’m afraid of losing followers…

I had used FL until 15K followers but haven’t used any automation since then.

Use a different set of hashtags each time. Use all features of instagram (stories, igtv, etc) and go through a lot of your followers and view their stories, like their latest post and maybe even comment. This will help your engagement. (Of course you could do this through a program too).

Thanks…I only use FollowLiker, i do it for follow/unfollow on my new pages but stop at around 10K followers.

I stopped FL commenting/likes/DM on my 50K page because I wanted more organic followers…you recommend I use it again? Really don’t want to get this page banned.

Also, is Shadowban really a thing and how can I recover from it?

Just make it so it likes your own followers posts from the past week. Instead of putting target accounts in to like, put your own account in. If FL also does story views, let it do that for your own followers too. A shadowban is real, just stop using hashtags for a few weeks, or only use a few. :slight_smile:

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did you check if you are showing up in the hashtags?

I checked it on incognito for a couple of the hashtags, and yes…my posts appears to be there…but from insights the “users from hashtags” has dropped so much

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It is like that for everyone at the moment. Don’t forget al ot of automation was based around hashtags and that has dropped off massively.

Change hashtags and keep active, you are not the only one with less visibility with hashtags it’s just the instagram algorithm that decided to put less of a spotlight on you

remove all the hashtags from your last 5 -10 posts wait a day and try again your rate should go up. if it doesn’t it means your followers aren’t engaging with the content