5G proxies for very low budget

I operate 200 accounts for myself. I do not have customers. This is my hobby. I want 5G Proxy. The prices I see are very expensive with some charging $25/month. Before I make a mistake and purchase without research, Can anyone put some prices and links to what is the cheapest to find USA 5G proxy solution for 200 social media?

For US mobile proxies you will pay $80-130+ per one dedicated modem and won’t be 5G, it will be 4G in the best scenario.

You will need at least 20 raw modems. :slight_smile:

Better for you is to check our #public-marketplace and to test mobile proxies outside of North America if you want something cheap at about $30-50 per modem.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

How does that work? I connect to a Windows VPS I use to run MP/Jarvee and I import my paid proxies into the software. I was hoping for this type of proxy service. Is this possible? Can I use proxies in the software that look like mobile IP’s to social media?



Fully agree with Digital7Boy.
BTW I’ve tested 5G proxies and their iP address, ping times and trust score are no different to 4G.
Only advantage is the speed, but I would test that before buying, because up and down speeds will be different. Also, let us know if you find a major advantage of 5G proxies.

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I used the term 5G loosely in reference to mobile. That was sloppy on my part. 4G would be fine if the speed is fast enough to run this program.

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And for this it is $30-$50 per IP?


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I have spent some time in the marketplace this morning again. I wasn’t able to find the perfect solution. The details are very specific in description which is slightly confusing to me since I have very little experience with this. I will continue to look in the marketplace and make my selection based on the knowledge I get from this post. I am patient.

Why so much money? I was told mobile proxy can work with 500 accounts. I thought maybe I can find 2 or 3 shared mobile proxies for me to add into Jarvee. My brain was expecting $5-$10 for each IP. Maybe I am confused about what I need.

Because of infrastructure (hardware, software) and data plans of each sim card. How much are you paying per month to have internet on your phone from your mobile operator?

Shared mobile proxies are around $5 but you cannot hook 500 accounts. On shared proxies you have to use just 1 account per proxy.

It looks like I am only creating $ problems for myself. WTF was I thinking? I have only 10 proxies now. I want to run 200 accounts without issue. It seems the affordable solution is to stay away from mobile numbers and find enough cheap regular proxies to operate 200 accounts. Do you have any suggestions if I went that direction?

well you can always turn into normal ones but they will come with issues/verification and all that, that is why it is recommended to use 4g for main account and other for non-important account.

The only way, you need to build 4g proxies for your own, it’s the cheapest now.

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