6 Million hacked Instagram accounts

Hangin out with a hacker buddy getting super stoned when…

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How rich are you now? :blush:


Anyone knows if it’s still useable I can’t seem to access the website :joy:

Interesting. I did actually just receive an email from IG saying that there was a password reset request for my account, which I never requested. I don’t have a verified account but it’s still big enough. Might have something to do with this.

There was a recent exploit via the Instagram API which displayed the email address and phone number on an account. That was how @selenagomez was hacked.

Therefore, yes they may have the email and phone numbers of the accounts, but I doubt they have 6 million.

Be Careful Poking Through the Doxagram Dump of Instagram Celebrity Contact Info

Read more https://amp.thehackernews.com/thn/2017/09/instagram-hack-doxagram.html

Is it real or fake? Why should a hacker share this info? He can make a fortune with this info​:grimacing: No need to sell for 10$:joy::point_down::point_down:

Would be funny if they found 6 million worthless shadowbanned bot accounts. Social engineering hahahaha

“why is nobody on these Filipino, Chinese, Russian numbers answering their phones?”…


Well i must say i am called almost 7x in the last 4 months.
From companys from UK ( iphone shows this ).
Very weird phone calls from other country to promote services…

Never had this before i still wonder how they get my phone number.

yeah if this info was still secretly available through the API it would be an incredible geo-location marketing tool