6 New Service Ideas (outside of bots)

Hi, I have been on here for about 6 months. I’ve learned quite a bit from this awesome community! I will share a few different services that my company offers that we have success in. IG growth luckily only made up about 10-15% of our overall revenue. I am sure most of the people have seen some of these ideas. However, if one of these points is new to you then I’m glad I could help.

  1. Management - Of course anyone can manage. Get on weekly or monthly strategy calls with clients, create engagement contests, set up a posting schedule. Use a platform like sproutsocial or Hootsuite to manage your content.

  2. Create content - Even if you have no clue how to, outsource it. Find local photographers and build a good relationship with them. Use tools like designpickle.com to get unlimited, high-quality design. Create graphics that are both 1080x1080 and 1080x1920 format for both IG post and IG story.

  3. Moving Graphics - Use Ripl to create amazing moving graphics., cost $15/month. Extremely worth it. Our clients love the moving graphics we create for them. Once you get good with the app, it takes about 5-10 minutes to make a high-quality design.

  4. Snapchat Geofilters - Very underrated. I started doing Snapchat Geofilter marketing about 3 years ago and this service probably makes up about 40% of my revenue. The profit margins on Geofilters can be anywhere between 60-95% profit margins with 5 figure checks.

  5. Ad Management - Utilize all the courses online to become a stud Facebook/Instagram ad marketer.

  6. Wix - Learn how to use Wix or Squarespace and create and manage websites. Charge $500 set up fee and then a $150-$200/monthl maintenance fee. Works great!


Because some of the posts I previously saved as bookmarks got moved to lv 2, I find my self in the situation of taking screenshots of the good content out here.

Bookmarked, Screenshoted and memorized!

Nice one! Thank you for sharing!


Appreciate it!

Brilliant content mate. Thank you for sharing!

I am currently learning Wix. Great tool and easy to use! :smiley:

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I believe in content. Content is a future. 90% of clients who come and ask about promotion has absolutely weird profiles, they think the followers are the secret, but actually content is…

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Exactly! Honestly, you can’t even trust people with huge numbers anymore. I’ve had multiple people tell me they got screwed because the person had all fake followers

I bet the account with 300 followers and high quality and trustful content covering the needs of the target audience will get x10 more sales than account with 5k followers and crap content

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Solid share, thanks for this!

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lol I gave the idea of ripl a while ago and I did make quite a bit of money and there is ton of money to be made and im wondering if I should tell everyone what niche did the best but im sure all of you probably know… so those of you who don’t know what im talking about ripl is a slideshow app and I would go to random accounts such as restaurants, real estate, fashion, fitness, etc(the ones where you know they will pay) and I would gather 5-8 pictures and make a slideshow with music and words and I would send it to them for free hoping that they would want my services and the upsale was that I had a better version so I would tweak it a little bit and then I would also tell them I would make another one of there choice all for $9 and I got a shit ton of people that did and then they would contact me to make them more and I tried fivrr but in my opinion fivrr gave me really no business at this and in my opinion it was so oversaturated , it was just randomly picking accounts that paid off and do not worry about to much competition doing this , there is millions of accounts to do this, and the last time I did this was last year and each day was different, I would say after I got things going the least amount I made in a day was $160 if I believe so and I did it for about 6 hours and the most I made was $900 and I did it for about 10 hours or so but like I said every day is different and the only way this is going to work is going to accounts with over 10,000 and you have to explain and show them stats that show videos/slidewhows… I would like to try geofilters, is there a way you can give me a little more info on this , you can also DM me


Thanks for sharing!
For content creation, I sometimes use fiverr if I want something quick and easy for some campaigns. For example if there is a special occasion coming (Christmas or New Year), I’ll ask someone on fiverr to design something related to the niche and occasion.

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Very good post my brother! :clinking_glasses::heart:

“ Focus on the solution , not on the problem.”


I’m especially interested in this one. The trouble I’m having with it is how exactly do you sell it to clients and charge for it? Especially when you’re losing money (i.e. if you have a client with shitty products you can’t really sell via ads, what do you tell them)

Say: You have shitty stuff man, don’t waste my time and Your money :yen:

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Even with halfway decent products, FB ads can be a tough nut to crack. I’m talking from experience on my disastrous dropshipping FB ad buying, so not exactly a client situation.

But perhaps other people here are experienced with selling FB ads management to clients and have any tips on keeping them profitable and/or happy?