7 Things I have learnt about automation (M/S)

Hey guys! Been doing automation for a few months and have finally started to see some progress on my accounts. I thought I would just list a few things I have learnt and help anyone that is just starting out. Pay it forward type post.

  1. Be prepared to burn money- You will most likely have to try out different account sellers, different proxies, different vps… lots of things until you find the ones that work for what you are trying to do.

  2. You need to age and warmup your accounts- I was ruining brand new accounts by going to fast and trying to change the settings too often.

  3. Get a good proxy- I went through at least 5 different 4g proxies and only one seems to work without fail. I tried to stick to the others as long as I could but in the end I felt that the proxies were bad. I changed two blocked accounts to my wifi and they worked perfectly.

  4. learn from others reports and ask questions- Pretty self explanatory.

  5. Do not rush the process- This stuff takes a lot of time to set up, the faster you rush things, the easier it is for IG to see you are botting.

  6. Some accounts just need to die- There are some great accounts that never get problems, while sometimes you get a few bad ones that will give you grief. If they start playing up within the first week then they may be trouble for life.

  7. Try different methods on different accounts- There are lots of different ways to grow an account. This is why its important to test them out to see which best works for you. I tried many different popular approaches and had no luck, but tried a few ones that did. It takes time to test so try a few different methods over several accounts and see which performs better.

If I think of anymore I will add them. Its late here, so my brains abit foggy haha.

Feel free to add any of your own guys!


Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. These are some really good points that people need to be aware of. Patience, testing and consistency :slight_smile: You don’t have to burn a lot of money tho, if you read and follow those that have more experience from you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you have seen some progress on your accounts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s also important that main accounts should always stay under the safe limit. When the tools work well, it’s tempting to push the accounts to do more actions which can result in hard blocks, but we shouldn’t do that.

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Great post! And remember, test test test!

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Yeah at the moment I’m hovering around 100 follows a day with 3 dms just seeing how that goes before increasing

Yeah ive been testing a lot, I seem to have found a great way to use them for aged accounts. new accounts still get blocks etc, so probably just need to warm them up more.

How many accounts are you running on your 4g ones? I have the same provider and am running 4 accounts, not sure if I should try 6 or just buy more

I found that it’s hard to find the exact thing from a beginners perspective as most people will hide their proxy and account sources, also their exact setup. So, you kind of have to play around yourself

Good post! Having good proxies and warming up the accounts is crucial!

Making sure to keep limits is also umportant otherwise you waste time and money

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Proxies are key :old_key: If they are shared and not fully dedicated, the chance of multiple user’s IG accounts hitting the IG servers with the same IP is bound to happen… and then you are sinking in the same boat :motor_boat: as the other users on that proxy.
Trustworthy 4G proxy provider is a must :wink: Ask for their log files :thinking:

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Basically, like in everything marketing-related, you need to ABT

A - Always
B - Be
T - Testing

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found that out the hard way haha