70 million posts on insta wtf 😭 WITH HASHTAGS ?!

here we go again lol,
i remember about this in 2019, people was able to mass upload for days without insta doing anything
look like the man who build the other profile is back for real


with over 57million posts, AND WITH HASHTAGS
since igblade got banned i was not able to track his stat,
but you can see his insane growing stat on social blade
yesterday, he uploaded over 3,803,295 posts
is that a bypass to the instagram rate limits?
i thought instagram patched it, i remmember he used some code from MGP25 or something like this (from another thread made in 2019)

hes crossed 60 million today

He’s definitely getting shadowbanned :joy:

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well lol still hasn’t got shadow banned, his hashtag reached 100m

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This is really crazy :smiley:

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and it’s the same hashtags for posts?!? this is truly insane

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this is what i find really insane, there is over 300 post per second (i think)
and hes no even getting blocked
idk if he can, but what if he change hashags to #dogs or something like this?
can he just overtake every hashtags ?

at the time i write this reply, his personal hashtags have 109 million posts right now

i think i finded the owner of the account

does anyone know who this man is or does he have any goal ?
actually if he can reach 100m posts this would be legendary somehow

lol, he finally got banned, took month to instagram to ban him !