75% Impressions from "Other"?

Hey guys

As most of you know, you can check out where most of your impressions come from in the post insights if you have a business profile.

I noticed that posts that I get many followers from almost always have about 75% impressions from “other”:

I was wondering where all the traffic from “other” comes from so I googled it and there’s an official explanation from facebook. I’m not 100% sure what every one of them means but I kind of tried to explain how the traffic was generated in my own words. If you know what the points mean that I couldn’t figured out, if I have made a mistake or missed something, please let me know.

According to Instagram, Impressions from “Other” could be generated by:

  • Posts that have been shared through direct messages

Users share posts through DMs. The users who receive them and look at them generate a new impression under the category “other”

  • Posts that have been saved

Users who have saved the post and went back to look at it again in their saved tab later generate an additional impression under the category “other”. Not totally sure if that’s correct.

  • Posts you’ve been tagged or mentioned in

Not sure about this one either. I think it’s the traffic that originates from users who see my account in another posts and then click on the tag on the picture or mention in the caption. That leads them to my profile where they then find this post and generate a new impression under the category “other” when they tap on it.

  • Post notifications that you’ve been mentioned or tagged in

I can’t figure out what that means exactly. Could someone explain this?

  • Posts that show up on the “Following” tab in your notifications

The followers of users who engage with my post will see the post in the following tab. If they click on it, it generates a new impression under the category “other”.

Now… do these 75% of impression really come from only these sources? The only really big source I think is the last one in the list (the following tab) as high engagement can create a big network effect. But I doubt that so many users “stalk” their followings so much via the followings tab. What do you guys think?

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You’d be surprised at how many people use that following tab. I had one friend that literally just used his Instagram to see what his friends were liking.

It’s interesting because Instagram doesn’t encourage us to use that feature enough.

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Yeah it’s crazy, so you also think that the following tab is the place where all the traffic comes from?

I have posts where 90% of impressions comes from “other”.

DM’s are the biggest along with story shares – saves are a indicator how good the post is running.

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Hey Alexnvo,

Do you have any idea what a good amount of saves are? This is from an influencer account. Engagment for the account is about 11% and off of reach it’s closer to 25%.

depends on the niche – use your best ones to develop a idea – for me, its 60 percent over 100 %

You mean users who share the post via DM?

by story shares you mean users who share the post to their stories?

Yeah I noticed that aswell. The best is when a post has all types of engagement but I feel like saves are the most powerful ones. Do you have any tips to get more saves? I noticed that posting instruction posts works very well.

The post I gave here in the example has over 2x more saves than likes. Getting more saves than likes is definitely more powerful to reach new users compared to getting more likes than saves.


That was a good share, good to know.
How do you pull this off though? How can you encourage users to push save rather than like?

Well I don’t think that you need to try to get more saves than likes. It’s both you need. But usually people give out likes easily but only save posts when they think it’s really valuable.

I tried paying around with letting people know in the caption that they can save the post and use it later but I haven’t seen a large increase in saves. I had most success posting instruction images/videos for example workout instructions.

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Do you share your post to the DM groups or your friends after posting it??



Congratulations for the result! I think the post was very nice.
Do you use power likes?

thank you. no I dont use powerlikes.

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You’ve probably done your job right when it comes to hashtags, so you get more visibility by the people that are not following you.

you see in the insights how many impressions come from hashtags, it’s 73’369. So compared to the all 1.32M the impressions, it’s not even that much.

sorry I was late, just saw this one…yea – ask. Not kidding, ask – I tell them its really good and might want to save for later to read… my posts are often long as quotes — I seen saves at 50% or more first 10 minutes and just telling them often does the trick

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I posted a picture and tagged a product in it. It got good engagement but average against other posts. Then it started blowing up again. Everyday now for a few days it gets lots of likes.

I have the same problem, I just want to know where it comes from, anyone know?

in following tab do you mean the tab that shows the activity of your followers?? I don’t have that tab anymore!
btw, thanks I always wondered what that others is.