8 golden tips you have to know to make your fb accounts really safe:

Verrrrrry good Idea to set up a MP Forum, so lets start the game of give and take with some valuable informations:

  1. Always use unique user-agents, proxies, browsers, cookies for each account

  2. Never use pictures you downloaded from facebook or instagram for your fb accounts without changes

  3. Do as maximum random actions from each accounts as you can

  4. Always follow facebook rules, terms and limitations

  5. Don’t put your accounts to make same action for a long time, always try to split it on small sessions druing the day

  6. Never put on your accounts for whatever you plan to do. Split you batch on 3-5 pieces on work with them step by step

  7. Make your account looking retaled to audience you plan to add in friends

  8. Do only this things which you fully clearly understand

In most cases of facebook blocks very simple things cause fault. IM always repeat same mistakes day by day, year by year. It’s like chess. To win we should think not about how to make more profit, but how to save our positions first. The strategy and the patience is the base of success. I know guys who filled accounts with cheap erotic pics and tried to add decent amercian managers with income from 10k $ in friends. Of course all their accounts were reported and got banned in a week. Be real, find the real goals. Think about how it will look for people from another side of a fence. Would they add your account in friends? If yes, why? If no, why? Never be gready. Love and save what you have right now. Some webmasters want to triple their income and want to farm 3k accounts instead of 1k, but they burn their accounts fast as muscle cars with sticker “fuck fuel economy” burn fuel. You can use the best software and the most private proxies of all times, but that won’t save you from bans if you strategy and your clear understaing of what are you doing are absent. I can use use same proxies for accounts and still get USA friends with no bans. At the same time IM are looking for super private proxies in hope they will change their game. It’s all about us. That’s chess


Thanks for sharing. Just wanted to ask about the user-agents as if I have a lot of accounts, it will be very tedious for me to edit them all and make them unique. That’s just me though. Again, thanks for sharing.

Great advice here @Marinella , thank you for a very good share, totally agreeing with what you said. I’m a little unclear what you wanted to say at point 6 though.

As for this part, it’s just perfect. You wouldn’t believe how many messages we get to support during a week with “the tool isn’t working, i got banned and it’s your fault”. Especially newcomers don’t understand to take it slow and learn everything before they push the pedal to the floor


Makes it even funnier :grinning:

Thanks for the tips!

Thank you for this wonderful post @Marinella I couldn’t agree more.

Those simple advices you shared helped me to grow from 30 Facebook accounts to 200 in less than 3 months of work.

always follow fb rules contradicts with everything else you said :slight_smile:

I liked this
so i should not use Mass planner :smiley:

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You should also use Fb only to talk with you actual friends and share goofy images of yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


They burn their accounts fast as muscle cars with sticker “fuck fuel economy” burn fuel.

Not true if you know your account’s limit :smiley:

yeah i know was just quoting that odd analogy

Great guide, I wishnI had found this forum few years ago, anyway its never too late

Thank you also my friend :slight_smile:

Great guide, thank you !

I’m about to create and use some old FB accounts, to be able to invite people to specific events that I make, and this guide should help me go trough with in a Clean way :wink:

Thanks !

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