8 good ways to make money on Instagram 💲 💵 💲


This is very true. My main business account doesnt scream wants to partner with a business. But, recently I decided I wanted to work with more businesses for a future project in mind. Started sending dm’s to some smaller business with a promotiol package or collab interest message and about 1/3 of them were more then delighted, so extra revenue and prodcuts I actually wanted to try.

They may never even crosse my instagram or thought to do business with me if I didn’t reach out to them/


I sell fleshlights on my adult site lmao, have just started so have high hopes.


hahahahahahahaha love this


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nice info, welcome


great post! am 2 years behind but ill get there thank you!


Big way to make money is Snapchat “E-Whoring” where you act like a girl and sell nudes that are already posted on the internet and do premium snapchats for $x amount

Might as well sell away your soul if you really want the bags :stuck_out_tongue:


make that x5 the $ when you find a girl that is willing to pose and make daily vids. 50$ a month each client is nothing. daily share a pic and once a week a short video from what the want. $$$$$


Thank you for this guide. Helps a lot!


Is that the chick you picked up in California?


doesnt seen too far off from my m/s strategy lol maybe it’s time to start messign with snapchat if it’s that easy to fool dudes into thinking theyre watching new porn.