8 good ways to make money on Instagram 💲 💵 💲

Instagram seems to be the platform of choice nowadays. Everybody wants to get in on the action, mostly because they perceive it as being a fast moving platform where you can start gaining some money in a short amount of time.

This might be the case for some, but there are many people that manage to grow an account or more and get stuck not knowing how to actually make money from them.

These might be known tactics for some of you that are more advanced and I definitely won’t go in-depth with them because there’s a lot to say but they will give you an idea of what you can do and how to proceed with your research.

You’ve heard the stories.

People are making great online income by leveraging social media. Even teenagers are paying their college by building incredible followings on the latest trending network. How do they do it?

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms right now, but it’s also ripe with opportunity for growth, building incredible engagement and making a lot of money.

Let’s walk through 7 different ways to make money on Instagram.

#1. Selling Products and Services

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably already have products or services that you offer as part of your business. The obvious choice is to promote your products on Instagram. That is if you want to earn more money… :wink:

You can do this by capturing leads with your Instagram content. First, you build your Instagram account with motivational or educational content that will inspire your audience. Then you post call to actions on all your posts to get your followers to click on the link in your bio. The link will send them to a landing page designed to attract leads that will be converted (“leveraged”) with different mechanisms later on.

Or you can directly sell your physical product right there on Instagram. Like, for example, @frank_bod - these guys are doing an amazing job selling physical products.

Or you can sell services, if you have a local business. You can promote different discounts or deals on your Instagram page.

So this mostly depends on the type of business you have. Either you build a huge mailing list that you can monetize, or you directly sell physical products.

#2. Paid shoutouts

This is pretty much like advertising. Companies will often pay popular Instagrammers in their niche to showcase their products or services to their audiences. According to this Yahoo! article Instagrammers can charge anywhere from $700-$4000 for a single shoutout.

Some of the largest Instagram accounts can even become ambassadors for the companies they’re working with.

These sponsored posts can be perfectly integrated into the feeds, so they look native, more like a recommendation than an ad. That’s actually what makes them so efficient in the first place.

So, for example, if you go to the @achieveimpossible page, you’ll see they’re recommending this free program. This is for sure something he’s getting paid to post.

Some influencers even started to add #sponsored or #ad hashtags to the post they are getting paid for.

This is an interesting article about how much you can make with an Instagram account, depending on the niche.

#3. Working with other brands

Many Instagrammers work with other brands that sponsor their content. This can be a very profitable method to increase revenue. The more followers you have, the more money you can make from sponsorships.

Collaboration with other brands vary depending on the niche or brand. But basically you get free products or services to promote to your audience.

#4. Affiliate marketing

You don’t need to have a product of your own to make money on Instagram. With affiliate marketing, you can promote other people’s products and make money out of each successful conversion.

Here are some examples of Instagram accounts that make a lot of money from affiliate sales:

@buildyourempire is one example of Instagram account that promotes affiliate products. He sends his Instagram followers to a landing page designed to lead the visitors to the affiliate products he promotes and makes a lot of money doing affiliate promotion.

#5. CPA

This is much like affiliate marketing. You need to find your CPA offer and then make money every time someone does an action like signing up for example.

It’s best to search for offers in your niche to get good conversion rates. If your niche is fitness or health related, then you’re in luck because these niches convert really well.

I would take care if I were you when doing this though as CPA it not very well regarded by Ig and this tactic might get you account closed faster than all the others( It can be the fastest earner though, that’s why many people do try it)

#6. Sell your Instagram account

Another way to make significant revenue is by building Instagram accounts with impressive following and engagement and then selling them. Depending on the niche and the size of the accounts you can make impressive amounts of money by selling them.

#7. Instagram Consulting

Another thing you can do to make a lot of money is by offering consulting services for other businesses on how to grow their Instagram accounts and influence. This is an excellent way to monetize your account and knowledge.

You can charge between $500 to few thousands dollars per month for one client. This means you can make up to $10k per month with 10 clients for example.

#8. Managing other people’s accounts

This is an extended version of the above method where you also take care of their accounts, not only tell them what to do. Whereas the above method can be a one timer, managing another company’s Ig account can be quite profitable for a longer period of time ( especially if you’re good at it :slight_smile: )


As you can see there are many things you can do on Instagram to make a nice living, there are other things you can do, that is true, but these are the main ones that if done the right way can and will make you decent :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Fell free to comment on these or add you own twists so everyone just starting with Ig marketing can get a better idea of what they can do.


Awesome article! Helps me to wrap my head around the possibilities.

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I talked a Parkour company into letting me be an influence for his company when my Parkour account reaches 15k, mine will have more followers than theirs, I know the owner personally through fb and he makes tons of money and he is the best clothing brand for Parkour at the moment, at that time I’ll ask him if he wants me to manage his Instagram he was really impressed about my memes pages growth over a month and a half and I used that to show I can get people in any niche, which is obviously through MP but they don’t know that obviously lol Im suprised more people don’t know about MP.

When I ask him ill be asking for probs around 300-400 a month to manage his page, on top of what he will pay me to advertise him on my page.

I read that article on how much you can make selling shoutouts, it seems far fetched in the article shoutouts for accts with 1k or less followers charge about $100 a post, I dont know one company that’s ever gotten shoutouts from accts with that low of a following lol

I cant wait to grow more to work into these things :slight_smile:


May I add the “9th way to make money on Instagram”?! :joy:

Category: “smart”, but “no, thank you!”



If you have a semi professional or wannabee pornstar, and she can deliver a daily short movie and in weekends a longer adult short movie. You can make real $$$$ a week on subscription with horny men.


Been using some of the methods for a long time, very useful articles for starters. :slight_smile:


For those who want to do shoutouts or partner with companies, don’t be afraid to reach out to them! If you don’t make it known that you want to do business with them, then they won’t send you any offers.


Nice summary but wanted to add a word of “caution” for newbies. Your prices/fees are a little off. $500 or $1,000/month for Instagram consulting is NOT the average, in fact it is way way above. Also, Instagram consulting is usually one-off vs recurring. Managing/growing accounts is monthly but the fees there are also definitely below that.

I know you had good intentions for posting this but for anyone who is new to this, it may come across as a bit of a gold rush moment.

For anyone new, read the forum for specific fees you can charge for consulting & growth services. The bigger the company, the bigger the fees obviously but there are very few people on here who will work with major brands, most will cover mom & pop shops who don’t know anything about social media.

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How does I start selling myself on Instagram?



Instagram is a gold mine if you are willing to put in the work.

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I hope you dont sell yourself;)

Whatdo you mean? So we can help you out.



Sorry, I was just trollin’. Thanks for the reply though Danny!


love this sort of guides! Thanks you for sharing. I grew my account to 40K in a couple of months. My niche is art, currently looking ways to monetize my stuff

Dealing with adult content on instagram is really hard. I recieved many bans for that, manual bans. Of course you get money but is a chunk and run method :slight_smile:

You dont use adult content on ig with this method. You trigger them with decent content to get them on snapchat.

Totally right. At most you can do it with erotic content, but really soft. I have an account (a client account) with soft erotic images and is running fine. My client is making shoutouts for models who are starting at IG or want more likes, etc. The profile is without url on bio, no adult content or something like that :slight_smile:

Hi, I am interested to manage accounts to other people. I am doing all manually now using FL. But this can be very time consuming as I need to charge all my clients manually and set up each one myself.

Does anyone a good whitelabel solution for this where my clients can set up their account on the web and set up a recurrent payment via paypal automatically?

Not really interested in just a script which will get ubsolete in the first instagram update, but someone that can provide it as a service and keep updating the script.

The best would be to have it selfhosted, but I could use their server as well.

Just to be clear I would like to have a site like the old instagress.

Have you found? I really need this too…

gd article,but any tips on growing ig and fb acc organically for long term growth and money in current scenario?

A girl where i live is like this and I talked her into letting me manage her page lol she pays me weekly and she makes some bank xD I follow pages of already successful girls also selling things like snapchat lmao

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