800 Likes every day?

Hey guys, want to show you a Screen. Maybe some of you experienced this.

I have the like exchange tool filled up with 15-20 accounts since 2 months.

Every account made 50-200 likes daily and then they got suspended ( have like block )

Today is the first day, where all of them make near to 800 likes.

I dont want to say any facts but this could say something that the like limit goes up.

Want to spray some positivity:

180 follows daily with your client and 0.3 - 0.4 follow back ratio = 50-70 followers daily

400-600 likes = 10-20 extra

300-500 like comments = 10 extra

100 followers daily for your clients is very easy made, lets keep killin client management and
never give up my friends <3


I done 1400likes whitout a block on some acc other got blocked earlyer. Since the block there is just 24hours i am not to conernt about getting it :smiley:

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damn i have to get in on the like exchange tool x) didn’t have time to explore or I’m being lazy about it!
thanks for sharing this info tho
Really interesting yeah old accounts can do magic but lately IG is twisting the facts!!!

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Thanks for sharing.

What type of proxies are you using?

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Right now Instagram limit the like.
So in my fresh account the limit are 50-70 and 90.
Maybe that’s what happened to your account.
And thanks for sharing, i need to explore more about jarvee. because this is my first time know about exchange like.

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hmmm, have to take a closer look into this.
Last two month liking wasnt really possible for me, thought it was a proxy issue…

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It was and maybe it’s still. But with good proxies and the situation currently it could be very possible that the like limits are going up at the moment.


This pretty high wow😯

i usually get about 0.1-0.25 Followbacks

When I was able to make likes, I used to make 1400-1600, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

How many hourly/daily likes do we think are the limit?

Would this be a combined limit for like comment, like after follow/unfollow and like exchange?

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Has anyone experience the in process loop and never receive the likes they should be getting???

Wierd thing is I never got AB on likes and I was liking from 2500/5000 daily with one acc then new limits I like the same amount. Instead of getting action blocked I was getting window someone hacked into your account, please switch password to make it safe… And that kinda put me off…

Wooow, thank you, as I always say … “Man, he learns all his life” :slight_smile: