85$ Million for a meme account

I mean sure right now it’s very huge ,but what shocks me the most is how can a repost page that work through shoutouts switch to something huge like this and attract big brands to make branded content ?

When you see that even 1M followers accounts only monetize through shoutouts and cpi(installing apps…) . It’s frustrating asf since no one really know how to make the switch to something more proffesional than just ‘‘dm me for shoutouts’’

Do we all need to be dm’ed by a guy who work at warner music group lmao or just hope to get pm’ed by a agency who can take care of getting you brand deals to stop that non lucrative business of shoutouts…

That is freaking hugeee !

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bro it’s so crazy same story with a guy just reposting like all of us on his basketball account , and instead of getting banned by ig copyright claims or selling his account for 2k$ lmao , his account got buyed by bleacher report for millions of $ and now he’s still working with a team…+ since its bleachereport the account now can post whatever content safely

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Bleacher Report’s Secret Weapon Is A 23-Year-Old Instagram Savant (fastcompany.com)


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crazy stuff indeed and yes we all need to be dm’ed by a guy who work at warner music group :grin: millions will be down on us like rain

Quick thoughts:

Its one thing to grow an account that large. It’s another to see what you can do with it. Props to Daquan for that exit.

Most don’t do it, in part, because they think its more complicated than it is.

And here’s another food for thought: they likely didn’t begin their page with the intent for selling it for $85million. They stuck to their fundamentals.

The opportunity found them. Likely not the other way around.

Reason for saying this: Something similar happened through one of the accounts I run, which opened a distribution deal across my entire network for accounts I had no plans of monetizing.

Stick to your game & let the world reward you like it did for them. Love it.


true issue is that you really bet and take big risk going with a account with just ‘‘hope’’ somehow it will get monetized wich is why i prefer to grow accounts while sametime have income coming from other sources

but it’s really interesting tho how you got contacted a agent pm’ed you a agency that manage brand deals of influencers ?

nice talk man, believing in self and hard work always pay off and as you said sometimes the opportunity will find you and not the way around.

The risk is no bigger than beginning. What some fail to see is that there’s a very low barrier to entry in this space. However, that low barrier doesn’t equate “ease” which depends on how you operationally define it.

The last part hits it home. Some believe “all in” is the way to go, when its smarter (overall) to utilize another income source (job, or otherwise), to ensure you can last long enough doing this stuff to see results.

If there’s any kind of secret, its that most success reflects our ability to survive in the game. In this case, being able to do what makes an account/network successful at your best, without compromising what makes it work, for a long enough time to see whether it worked or not.

No one can tell you ahead of time how long that will be or what that success will look like. The platform exists in the way that won’t always be predictable or linear on an individual account level in terms of engagement, follower growth, or CTA conversions. However, you give yourself the best chance to reap the rewards if you can stick it out.

The same way any one else can reach out and contact you on the platform. Again:

The direct answer: Checked the DM’s one day, saw the message, went from there.
The page doesn’t Advertise, nor does it have any CTA like “DM for Business.”
If you run a page with some size, be sure to check/clean your inbox. That’s about it.

Appreciated. The mental game dictates much of the success here. The spiritual game, takes it to another level. Inner game begins the creation of outward results. But that’s for a different space & a different discussion. Definitely summed it up quite well.

yes that’s true we can discuss it more in the free loung if you would like, many users will be glad to read your thoughts and advices.

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