90 MILLION views on one Reel - the worst thing ever

90 million views, 1.5 million likes, and 15,000 new followers (from 40,000 to 55,000)

My main page is a legitimate sports publisher focused on a UK sports league.

How do I stop the influx of new followers - mainly from other countries - from tanking engagement on our page?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to bring them in and turn them into fans, but my first impressions indicate a lot of the new followers just spam like/follow on a viral post then don’t care at all about what you’re doing or the results of the league.

Does anyone have advice on turning viral followers into actual supporters?

I’ve also had some viral posts, not that crazy but people still were really engaged. Especially for new followers, your posts are shown to them on the top, so you can use it to go viral again and again once you have right formula :grimacing:

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I think you’re right but you need to post similar content… coz those followers like that type of content…


I think thats a must for every successful profile right? :grimacing:

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Obviously yess but sometimes (not sometimes also) some random reposted content also go viral

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I think OP’s issue/concern lies in the demographic of the new audience being gained.

@EauDeBo, what did the UK look like as a % of followers before and after the influx of new followers?


Thanks for all the advice folks!

Here’s some more info and I’ll do it in football terms to make it easy:

It’s like you’re the League 2 account for your country and this video is the equivalent of a player doing skills while warming up.

It makes perfect sense on the League channel, and loads of people like it (100 mil now, and we’re up to 60k followers), but it’s not your usual football match highlights and the sport isn’t big enough for everyone to just know who the athlete is.

The new followers like skills, not highlights.

The good thing: this situation has encouraged me to look at starting a second account, so one is the skills stuff, and one is just highlights.

I’ll come back to this thread in a month or two to update you all on how it goes.

General replies here:

@Eleoen - you’re right. I’ve cut back on all our low performing content that we normally do just for hardcore fans. This should make sure I’m reaching the new followers with our best content straight away (hardcore fans still like the fun content!)

@Shish - Yep, this is closer to a random moment in the sport going crazy viral. It isn’t something we expect to happen every single time! :sweat_smile: But I’ll look at how we can capture more moments like it - now I just need to hire another creator!

@LaurenceM - We’ve gone from 15% UK, 10% US, and another 15% ‘engaged’ EU countries, to 9%, 7%, and 10%. The first numbers were good for us (having done my research, the most we can realistically expect at this stage is 200,000 UK followers/fans for the top level of the sport… and we are not the top level!).

:point_right: Even if this hits engagement slightly, I can still leverage the relatively large following/reach to go for brand deals and grow from there.

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