90M comments on a YouTube post?

Ive recently seen a youtuber post having more than 90 million of comment, look like it’s a loop with the same user who post again and again, also this guy achieved post ap on Instagram, how to do this guy do no get banned ?

(edit) I forgot to put the link to the post:

youtube .com/post/UgyajaCtShvpLBv3yep4AaABCQ

Ty mpsocial to no allowing me links

How many subscribers does he have? Do you see millions of comments on his other videos as well?

What do you mean by this?

That guy had 7k I think, I don’t know when he/she started to do this but it’s only on the post

I don’t understand, what benefits him out of all those comments?

hahah that’s insane man, 90m, crazy stuff, first time i see this no idea how but im sure it will not last maybe he is testing something.

90m!!! that is crazy. Is he a verified account?

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He isn’t., I’ve updated my main message, there link to the post now

Only one account posts the same comment over and over again. I don’t know how and why he does that, maybe he’s just testing his own custom bot, :slight_smile: it’s incredible how his bot posts 20 comments using the same account at the same time every few seconds and Youtube doesn’t ban the account or ghost the comments.

that’s exactly the part that blowed my mind usually once you comment using the same account multiple times it gets blocked automatically but he is using it over and over again.