9gag losing followers at an abnormal rate

A couple of days ago I noticed 9gag suddenly started losing followers like crazy. Anyone have a clue why this might be happening to an account as big as this?

Their posting schedule hasn’t changed, traffic on their website is as strong as ever. Their other accounts are all doing fine.


My immediate assumption is simply that they had a lot of fake followers that got purged in some manner.


Yeah they’re more than likely doing a mass clear out.

I agree with users above. Their fake followers are getting purged.

Yes, definitely Instagram is cleaning out fake followers, it happens from time to time to some of my biggest accounts as well.

Either Instagram is purging, or 9gag themselves…

You recon Instagram purges the followers of just one account? That seems to be discriminative to me.


If it really is just that account (how do you know it’s just them haha) then it seems more likely that 9gag do that themselves…

I haven’t come across any other accounts that are losing followers this fast at the moment.

Hm yeah then it’s them doing the purge I guess. Actually a smart move by them imo!

just checked out 5 others over 20 mill… they are not losing. Gotta feeling 9gag posted something that was removed and now they are shadowed…

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Hm you really think so? Why would they lose followers if they are shadowbanned though? That only affects reach right?
I think 9gag is deleting ghost followers themselves…

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They don’t need to delete them. Er is good. The pattern is a pattern I seen many times with my own accounts because other pages gains in follows.


Ah ok I see… Thanks for specifying :slight_smile:

Might this be the ‘We are removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows’ in action?

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maybe haha…

What website are you using to measure the number of fallowing? need one of those =p

I have stuck with igblade.com for monitoring


just saw stats again, don’t think its a post that was removed – they might be getting purged. however, with 50 million followers, even 20k loss a day could be natural – they simply aren’t getting more followers than unfollowers.

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I use http://ninjalitics.com

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