A Beginner’s How-to Guide on Scraping Facebook Group Members' Info


In our recent postings, we have always talked about Jarvee and its awesome features. Now, allow us to introduce another cool tool called Phantombuster. If you are looking for ways on how to extract members from Facebook groups you joined so you easily reach out to each one of them, you may check this software out.

Phantombuster is a cloud-based data extraction tool created to assist companies in automating sales and marketing procedures by gathering important information from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other online networks. Users of the program can store all of their data in the cloud in CSV and JSON formats.

  1. After signing up for a Phantombuster account here: https://phantombuster.com/, you need to install the Phantombuster browser extension. (chrome://extensions/?id=mdlnjfcpdiaclglfbdkbleiamdafilil)

  1. Log in to the Facebook profile you will use for scraping in the same tab you opened your Phantombuser account.

  2. Set up your Phantombuster settings.

a. You can immediately “Connect to Facebook” without getting your Facebook cookies manually as you already connected the Phantombuster extension.

b. Choose which group you have will be the source of the scraped members. If you have more than one group in mind, create a spreadsheet and compile them. Make sure that it is accessible publicly before pasting the URL so the software can use it for extraction.

c. Choose how many members you want to extract. For the safety of your Facebook account, we highly suggest that you just increase the number gradually. You may start with 100 members then add more if you believe the Facebook account can handle it.

Important reminder: Please note that it is recommended to make use of Facebook accounts you can afford to lose as this extraction process can potentially burn them.

d. To keep the Facebook account safer, always connect a proxy available to you. Preferably, we do recommend using 4G proxies as they are most suitable for these kind of use cases.

e. Click save when done.

  1. Once set, just click “launch”.

  1. After the scraping process, you will be notified that you can download your file already.

Sample results:

Here you go, another easy way for you to scrape data you need for your marketing campaign without the need to learn how to code or use complicated automation tools. Should you have questions about it, feel free to leave your comments below.


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