A drawing i draw for my homie


a drawing i made for my homie musician(hes a hiphop artist) hope you like it
any thoughts?


Looks really good !


ty very much! appreciate it


You’ve got some talent fo sho mang


Do you do this by hand or by computer?


by hand(i draw this) after i finish i scan it, no software touch well only potoshop for the color balance
so it wont looks messy because of the coloring by sharpie
@wortime ty for the feedback :blush:


Nice one, can you draw me? Like one of your french girls?


Why don’t you grow your account by approaching other bigger accounts with pictures you like, and try asking if you can draw them - then ask for them to share it, and get free exposure that way?


What’s very good on social media is this movie while you’re drawing. Camera above and post this :grimacing: Always cool to see this in fast 1~ min.


yo i actually working on few right now! the biggest one with 34k followers hes a blogger
and 2 of my friends one with 4.5k followers and the second one have 1.2k followers!
and i did few dms some big random people aswell, i also try to get featured on some
big art pages aswell :slight_smile:


i may try this but i dont think its mix with my ig profile line up
mabye one day


My boy has skill :pray: